First things to do at SLAC before your experiments

Once you obtained or renewed SLAC ID badge at Security Badging Office at SUSB VUE Center (Building 53), please complete the following things before you start your experiment at BL4-2. It would be good to contact the person responsible in advance (e.g. before you depart).
1. If your group has no BL4-2 SLAC computer account (used for Linux and BluIce), you can request an account. Even if you have SLAC computer account of other SSRL beamline (e.g. crystallography beamline), you still need to create the account for BL4-2.
2. If your group needs an SSRL windows account, please obtain the account at the Building 120 SSRL User's office. You could contact Ellie Fazli in advance. Note that this SSRL windows account is different from SLAC computer account. If you forget the password, please contact her as well.
3. [First visit only] Please sign up for Hutch Operation Training in the Building 120 SSRL User's office. This training is given at 2pm Mon-Fri and assembly point is at Building 120 lobby. This training is required for all users who perform experiments at BL4-2. If you have already taken the training when you previously visited other SSRL beamline, you don't need to take the training. If you are new and the first day of your beamtime is in weekend or holiday, please arrange your itinerary to take the training.
4. [Optional] If you need access to SSRL sample preparation laboratory (wet lab), please contact Risa Benwell for a short training. Please note that there is no place to get purified water and ice other than the laboratory. You can see all available resources in the laboratory here.