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End of Run Summary

We like to hear from you and learn how your beam time went, what worked well and what didn't, in which areas you think we are doing a good job and where we can still improve. So typically, before the end of your beam time at SSRL you will get and email from the SSRL User Administration asking you to submit an "End of the Run" summary form through the User Portal. Here you can tell us about your beam time and how it went. Please use this opportunity to let us know about your experience as a user at SSRL in general and at BL4-2 in particular and what we can do to make your next beam time even better.
Of course you can always discuss things directly with us either during your beam time or by email or phone. Talking to us directly is in particular useful, if you have ideas for technical improvements that e.g would make your next beam time even more productive. We are always keen to hear about your ideas and will try to accomodate your suggestions as much as possible.