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Beamline Location


Getting to SSRL:

The SSRL is located on the SLAC campus off Sand Hill Road. To get to the SSRL you turn left on Loop Road after you entered SLAC through the Main Gate, follow Loop Road and take the second turn left through Gate 17 (see the orange line in the figure below). You will need your valid SLAC batch for passing gate 17! Follow the road through the gate and the SSRL will now be in front (slightly to the right).


Locating Beamline 4-2:

Once you are at SSR the best way to get to the BL4-2 is to follow the road to the right of the SSRL towards the booster ring and the the stairs over the transport tunnel. Then you enter the SSRL at beamline 13. Follow the walkway along the ring, the beamline numbers are posted. Beamline 4 is located in SSRL building 130 between the beamlines 14 and 11 (the numbers of the beamline at SSRL are not in sequence alont the ring!). The BL4-2 end station is flanked by the two smaller spectroscopy side stations 4-1 and 4-3.