The Sample Preparation Laboratories

The Sample Preparation Laboratories provide wet lab facillities for SSRL and LCLS User Programs. The labs support final stage sample preparations and  straight-forward laboratory manipulations in Biology, Chemistry, Materials Science and the Geosciences. SSRL houses two BioChemMat-focused Laboratories (BCM1 & 2) and one Geoscience-focused Laboratory. LCLS houses one laboratory supporting these disciplines in a more refined capacity. All Sample Preparation Laboratories are potentially available to all users.

Laboratory Access & Training

All Sample Preparation Laboratories have restricted access. Training is required for entry.  Sample Preparation Laboratory training, Course 204, must be completed annually. Course 204 is offered at SSRL and LCLS.

SSRL sessions are Monday–Friday at 10am & 3pm and meet in B131 Rm 211; drop ins are welcome but not guaranteed.

LCLS sessions are by appointment only, and meet in B999 Rm 109. To make an appointment please contact your experimental POC and Kayla Zimmerman. LCLS training slots must be reserved in advance due to space limitations within the LCLS lab. Weekend training is not available.

Laboratory Contacts

The primary contacts for all Sample Preparation Laboratory resources and matters are Cynthia Patty, at SSRL, and Kayla Zimmerman, at LCLS. Risa Benwell is a staff laboratory manager at SSRL, and is available for SSRL back up support.


Biology Chemistry & Material Science Labs

Cynthia Patty | (650) 926-3925


BCM 1 Laboratory

The BioChemMat Lab 1 is a broad purpose wet lab that contains common lab reagents, equipment & supplies, a cold room, and an inert atmosphere chamber.
Map to SSRL's building 120.


BCM 2 Laboratory

The BioChemMat Lab 2 is a broad purpose wet lab similar to BCM 1. However, it is larger in size than BCM 1 and has broader equipment resources.
Map to SSRL's building 131.

Geoscience Preparation Laboratory

Cynthia Patty | (650) 926-3925


Geoscience Laboratory

The Geoscience Lab contains common lab reagents, equipment & supplies and inert atmosphere chambers. Work areas for radioactive materials and nanomaterials are available.
Map to SSRL's building 131.

LCLS Sample Preparation Laboratory

Kayla Zimmerman | (650) 926-6281


LCLS Laboratory

This small general purpose wet lab is located in LCLS's Far Experimental Hall near MEC, CXI, and XCS. The lab serves all LCLS hutches and is available for final stage sample preparation. Due to space limitations, certain types of activities may be restricted and all access must be scheduled in advance.
Map to LCLS's FEL building.