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Shipping Samples and Equipment to BL4-2

If you need to ship your sample or equipment to BL4-2 for an upcoming experiment please use the following shipping address:


your name, you proposal #, BL4-2
2575 Sand Hill Rd.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Please open the file bl42_sample_info.pdf.  Fill in all the fields and print out the form. Please cut and separate the three labels and affix them on three sides of your package. If there are other special handling instructions, please contact the beam line staff, Risa Benwell and/or Grace Tang with the sample and arrival information so we can watch out for it and make sure it is handled properly. The information needs to be readable on the outside of the box it is shipped in as we do not open the boxes when they arrive.

Please also note that the SLAC shipping departement is not opened on the weekends. So plan ahead!

If you need to send samples or equipment from the SSRL back to your home institute after the experiment or have other special requirements concerning sample shippment you find additional information on shipping on the SSRL webpage.