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Motor Stop Button

Motor Stop Button
Fig 1: Motor Stop Button

The "Motor Stop Button" (Fig 1) is designed for emergency motor stop of any motor of the BL4-2 instrument. It immediately stops all ongoing motor movements and following commands that the user submitted from Blu-Ice. The user should press the button immediately in case that any collision or dangerous situation is suspected to happen. There are 3 buttons are mounted inside and outside of BL4-2 hutch (See Beamline Floor Plan for more details). Once the stop button has been pressed the "Motor Reset Button" (mounted near the hutch door) will be flashing green. The user should inspect and clear the obstruction or possible cause for the collision, then press the green flashing reset button to resume the experiment.
Once the "Motor Stop Button" is pressed and the "Reset Button" is flashing green (Fig 2), Blu-ice will not accept any further control command until the situation is reset (and the Reset button stops flashing). If the user attempts to submit new commands during the stop button is activated, Blu-Ice will give an error message (Fig 3). Before data collection is resumed, please confirm that all motors are in the position corresponding to the values in Blu-Ice. If not sure, please contact BL4-2 staff.

Caution: The Motor Stop Button is quite sensitive and the user may accidentally activate it when working around the hutch during sample loading. In this case make sure that nobody pressed the stop button on purpose and that there is no impending collision to be expected then press the reset button to resume the experiment.

Motor Reset Button
Fig 2: Motor Reset Button, flashing green when Motor Stop Button is pressed.


Error message on Blu-Ice
Fig 3: Error message on Blu-Ice, "Check hardware reset button (green button)"