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Experiments, Goals and Strategies

The beamline 4-2 at SSRL has been designed to be a flexible small-angle scattering station to support a wide range of small-angle scattering and diffraction experiments on biological solution scattering as well as non fluid biological samples. For this the beamline features a variety of highly developed and automated data collection equipment dedicated to specific experimental strategies such as automated high-throughput solution scattering (HT-SAXS), size-exclusion chromatography coupled solution scattering (SEC-SAXS) as well as time-resolved solution scattering (TR-SAXS). Furthermore, a highly flexible framework for more generic SAXS data collection (including optical alignment microscope and a point and click interface to align the sample - e.g. x-ray capillaries - in the beam) is also available. Other experiments such as fiber diffraction, low-angle diffraction and grazing incidence scattering are also supported.