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The LCLS Technical Notes series is an LCLS internal publication of papers, relevant to the LCLS project.

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224) LCLS-TN-22-4
Z. Wolf "Tests of a Proposed Undulator Beam Pipe Cooling Method."  (February 2022)
223) LCLS-TN-22-3
Y. Levashov, Z. Wolf "Magnetic Measurements of SXU-HE Short Prototype."  (January 2022)
222) LCLS-TN-22-2
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn "LCLS-II-HE Phase Shifter Test Plan."  (January 2022)
221) LCLS-TN-22-1
Z. Wolf "Using the SXU-HE Midplane Encoders."  (January 2022)
220) LCLS-TN-21-6
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov  "LCLS-II SXU Lifetime Test."  (August 2021)
219) LCLS-TN-21-5
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov  "Temperature Calibration of the LCLS-II Undulators and Phase Shifters."  (May 2021)
218) LCLS-TN-21-4
Z. Wolf, K. Caban "LCLS-II-HE Phase Shifter Preliminary Mechanical Tests."  (March 2021)
217) LCLS-TN-21-3
Z. Wolf,  "Tests of HXR Undulator Covers."  (February 2021)
216) LCLS-TN-21-2
Z. Wolf,  "A Phase Shifter Design for LCLS-II_HE."  (January 2021)
215) LCLS-TN-21-1
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "LCLS-II HXU Lifetime Test."  (January 2021)
214) LCLS-TN-20-5
H.-D. Nuhn "DELTA-II Undulator Period Length Selection."  (December 2020)
213) LCLS-TN-20-4
H.-D. Nuhn,  "Initial LCLS-II SXR Quadrupole Positioning Calculation."  (August 2020)
212) LCLS-TN-20-3
H.-D. Nuhn,  "Initial LCLS-II HXR Girder Positioning Calculation."  (June 2020)
211) LCLS-TN-20-2
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "LCLS-II Undulator Beam Pipe Corrector Calibration."  (June 2020)
210) LCLS-TN-20-1
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "Temperature Dependence of the LCLS-II Undulators and Phase Shifters."  (April 2020)
209) LCLS-TN-19-6
S. Anderson, H.-D. Nuhn, Z. Wolf,  "LCLS-II SXR Undulator Quadrupole Measurement Orientation."  (November 2019)
208) LCLS-TN-19-5
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "A Phase Matching Test of the LCLS-II SXR Undulators."  (November 2019)
207) LCLS-TN-19-4
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, E. Reese,  "LCLS-II HXR Undulator Transportation Test Results."  (August 2019)
206) LCLS-TN-19-3
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "Repeat Measurements of SXU-001 at the End of Production SXU Measuarements."  (June 2019)
205) LCLS-TN-19-2
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, V. Vranković, E. Reese,  "HXU Half Gap Encoder ABC Test."  (February 2019)
204) LCLS-TN-19-1
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, V. Vranković,  "A Problem with the HXU Full Gap Encoders."  (January 2019)
203) LCLS-TN-18-10
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, E. Reese, H.-D. Nuhn, G. Gassner, D. Bruch, B. McKee,  "LCLS-II HXR Undulator Fiducialization and Girder Alignment Plan."  (November 2018)
202) LCLS-TN-18-9
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn, B. Pushor, E. Reese,  "A Problem with the LCLS-II Phase Shifters."  (November 2018)
201) LCLS-TN-18-8
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "Repeat Measurements of SXU-001 after Twelve Months in Storage."  (October 2018)
200) LCLS-TN-18-7
Z. Wolf,  "Effect of SXR Beam Pipe Temperature on Undulator Magnet Temperature."  (September 2018)
199) LCLS-TN-18-6
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "LCLS-II SXR Undulator Transportation Test Results."  (August 2018)
198) LCLS-TN-18-5
K. Tian, H.-D. Nuhn,  "Study of Magnet Tip Geometry for the Delta II Undulator."  (July 2018)
197) LCLS-TN-18-4
H.-D. Nuhn,  "LCLS-II SXR Undulator Line Photon Energy Scanning."  (July 2018)
196) LCLS-TN-18-3
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "Repeat Measurement of SXU-001 after six Months in Storage."  (March 2018)
195) LCLS-TN-18-2
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn,  "Initial Tests of Tapering An LCLS-II Undulator."  (March 2018)
194) LCLS-TN-18-1
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn,  "Initial Tests of Phase Matching an LCLS-II Undulator."  (February 2018)
193) LCLS-TN-17-3
Z. Wolf,  "Setting the LCLS-II Phase Shifters."  (November 2017, revised February 2018)
192) LCLS-TN-17-2
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn,  "LCLS-II Phase Shifter Test Plan."  (November 2017)
191) LCLS-TN-17-1
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn, E. Wallen, D. Arbelaez,  "LCLS-II Undulator Test Plan."  (October 2017, revised July 2018)
190) LCLS-TN-16-3
Z. Wolf  "Phase Matching the LCLS-II Undulators."  (July 2016)
189) LCLS-TN-16-2
Z. Wolf  "Fits to the Delta Undulator K Measurements."  (March 2016)
188) LCLS-TN-16-1
Z. Wolf  "Position Dependence of the K Parameter in the Delta Undulator."  (January 2016)
187) LCLS-TN-15-5
E. Marin  "Collimation Efficiency at LCLS."  (November 2014)
186) LCLS-TN-15-4
Z. Wolf  "Beam Trajectories In The Delta Undulator II."  (April 2015)
185) LCLS-TN-15-3
Z. Wolf  "Beam Trajectories In The Delta Undulator I."  (March 2015)
184) LCLS-TN-15-2
Z. Wolf  "Effect of Quadrant Taper on Delta Undulator Phase Errors."  (February 2015)
183) LCLS-TN-15-1
Z. Wolf  "Effect of Quadrant Bow on Delta Undulator Phase Errors."  (February 2015)
182) LCLS-TN-14-3
Replaced by LCLS-TN-15-3
181) LCLS-TN-14-2
Z. Wolf, H.-D Nuhn  "Setting The K Value and Polarization Mode of the Delta Undulator."  (September 2014)
180) LCLS-TN-14-1
Z. Wolf,  "Calculation of the Fields in the Delta Undulator."  (January 2014)
179) LCLS-TN-13-11
Z. Wolf,  "Calculations of Fields on the Beam Axis of the Delta Undulator."  (December 2013, revised March 2014)
178) LCLS-TN-13-10
Z. Wolf,  "Hall Element Angle Calibrations for the Delta Undulator."  (December 2013)
177) LCLS-TN-13-9
Z. Wolf,  "Hall Probe Array Measurements of the Delta Undulator."  (November 2013)
176) LCLS-TN-13-8
S. Anderson, L. Griffin, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn, E. Reese, Z. Wolf,  "Long Coil Measurement Anomalies of the SSRL BL5 EPU."  (November 2013)
175) LCLS-TN-13-7
G.L. Gassner,  "Floor and Wall Deformation in LCLS I (2008-2012)."  (March 2013)
174) LCLS-TN-13-6
G.L. Gassner,  "Results of Vibration Study for LCLS-II Construction in Research Yard."  (April 2013)
173) LCLS-TN-13-5
H.-D. Nuhn,  "LCLS-II Undulator Tolerance Budget."  (March 2013, revised April 2013)
172) LCLS-TN-13-4
Z. Wolf,  "A Magnetic Measurement Plan for the Delta Undulator."  (March 2013)
171) LCLS-TN-13-3
J.J. Welch,  "X-Ray Beam Stay Clear for LCLS-II."  (February 2012)
170) LCLS-TN-13-2
Z. Wolf,  "Delta Undulator End Design."  (January 2013)
169) LCLS-TN-13-1
Z. Wolf,  "Magnet Block Sorting for the Delta Undulator."  (January 2013)
168) LCLS-TN-12-6
J.J. Welch,  "Ray-Trace Study for the LCLS-II Safety Dump Lines."  (October 2012)
167) LCLS-TN-12-5
J.J. Welch,  "Adjustable Aperture Slit Material Selection for LCLS-II."  (September 2012, revised 28 September 2012)
166) LCLS-TN-12-4
G.L. Gassner,  "Results of Vibration Study for LCLS-II Construction in FEE, Hutch 3 LODCM and M3H."  (August 2012, revised 18 October 2012)
165) LCLS-TN-12-3
Z. Wolf,  "PPM Phase Shifter Tuning Studies."  (July 2012)
164) LCLS-TN-12-2
J.J. Welch,  "Failsafe FEL Stopper and Collimator Package."  (June 2012)
163) LCLS-TN-12-1
Z. Wolf , Y. Levashov,  "Beam Pipe Corrector Study."  (March 2012)
162) LCLS-TN-11-4
F. Zhou, A. Brachmann ,  "What have we Learned from the LCLS Injector."  (October 2011)
161) LCLS-TN-11-3
W.M. Fawley, J. Frisch, Z. Huang, Y. Jiao, H.-D. Nuhn, C. Pellegrini, S. Reiche, J. Wu,  "Toward TW-Level, Hard X-Ray Pulses at LCLS."  Presented at the 33rd International Free Electron Laser Conference, Shanghai, China, 22-26 Aug 2011. SLAC-PUB-14616 (September 2011)
160) LCLS-TN-11-2
Z. Wolf ,  "A PPM Phase Shifter Design."  (August 2011)
159) LCLS-TN-11-1
Z. Wolf ,  "Variable Phase PPM Undulator Study."  (May 2011)
158) LCLS-TN-10-2
A. Temnykh, Y. Levashov, Z. Wolf ,  "A Study of Undulator Magnets Characterization Using the Vibrating Wire Technique."  (April 2010)
157) LCLS-TN-10-1
C. Pellegrini, J. Wu,  "Variable Gap Undulator for 1.5-48 keV Free Electron Laser at LINAC Coherent Light Source."  (September 2010) 
156) LCLS-TN-09-5
D.D. Ryutov, R.M. Bionta, S.P. Hau-Riege, K.I. Kishiyama, M.D. Roeben, S. Shen, P.M. Stefan,  "The Physics of the Gas Attenuator for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)."  (December 2009) 
155) LCLS-TN-09-4
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "Undulator K Value Temperature Dependence."  (October 2009)
154) LCLS-TN-09-3
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov,  "Reference Undulator Measurement Results."  (August 2009) 
153) LCLS-TN-09-2
J. Welch,  "On the Kinematics of Undulator Girder Motion."  (rev.1 April 2010) 
152) LCLS-TN-09-1
S. Anderson, K. Caban, H.-D. Nuhn, E. Reese, Z. Wolf,  "Magnetic Measurement Results of the LCLS Undulator Quadrupoles."  (January 2010) 
151) LCLS-TN-08-10
D.D. Ryutov, R.M. Bionta, S.P. Hau-Riege, K.I. Kishiyama, M.D. Roeben, S. Shen, P.M. Stefan,  "Operating the LCLS Gas Attenuator and Gas Detector System with Apertures of 6 mm Diameter."  (November 2008) 
150) LCLS-TN-08-9
Z. Wolf, N. Horton, D. Kharakh, Y. Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn, B. Poling, E. Reese,  "Undulator Transportation Test Results."  (September 2008) 
149) LCLS-TN-08-8
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, E. Reese,  "Undulator Changes Due To Temperature Excursions."  (August 2008) 
148) LCLS-TN-08-7
D.H. Dowell, P.M. Stefan, "Replacement Resources for Current and Anticipated SLAC SMS Group Support for LCLS."  (July 2008) 
147) LCLS-TN-08-6
Z. Wolf, "Tuning the Laser Heater Undulator."  (July 2008) 
146) LCLS-TN-08-5
J. Welch, J. Sevilla, "Undulator Hall Temperature Fault Scenarios."  (April 2008) 
145) LCLS-TN-08-4
A.D. Fisher, H.-D. Nuhn, J. Welch,  "Magnetic Measurements of the Background Field in the Undulator Hall with Ductwork and Cable Trays."  (March 2008) 
144) LCLS-TN-08-3
Z. Wolf, R. Ruland, C. LeCocq, E. Lundahl, Y. Levashov, E. Reese, C. Rago, B. Poling, D. Schafer, H.-D. Nuhn, U. Wienands,  "Girder Alignment Plan."  (March 2008) 
143) LCLS-TN-08-2
A.D. Fisher, H.-D. Nuhn, J. Welch,  "Magnetic Measurement of the Background Field in the Undulator Hall."  (March 2008) 
142) LCLS-TN-08-1
A.D. Fisher,  "Thermal Tests of Undulator Quad."  (March 2008) 
141) LCLS-TN-07-12
J. Welch, S. DeBarger, P. Emma, A. Fisher, N. Li, J. Wu,  "Report on Modifications to the BX12 and BX13 BC1 Dipoles."  (December 2007) 
140) LCLS-TN-07-11
D.D. Ryutov, S. Hau-Riege, R.M. Bionta, "Space-Charge Effects in a Gas Detector."  (September 2007) 
139) LCLS-TN-07-10
A. Fisher, Z. Wolf, "Undulator Beam Pipe Magnetic Shielding Effect Tests."  (September 2007) 
138) LCLS-TN-07-9
J. Welch, J. Wu, "Summary of QM02 Measurements."  (September 2007) 
137) LCLS-TN-07-8
M. Levashov, Z. Wolf, "Commissioning a Vibrating Wire System for Quadrupole Fiducialization."  (September 2007) 
136) LCLS-TN-07-7
Z. Wolf, M. Levashov, E. Lundahl, E. Reese, C. LeCocq, R. Ruland, "LCLS Undulator Quadrupole Fiducialization Plan."  (August 2007) 
135) LCLS-TN-07-6
J. Welch, "BXS Re-calibration."  (June 2007) 
134) LCLS-TN-07-5
J. Welch, J. Wu, "QM02 Strength Measurement."  (June 2007) 
133) LCLS-TN-07-4
P.R. Bolton, C. Limborg-Deprey, "IR Bandwidth and Crystal Thickness Effects on THG Efficiency and Temporal Shaping of Quasi-Rectangular UV Pulses: Part II - Incident IR Ripple."  (June 2007)
132) LCLS-TN-07-3
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov ,  "Undulator Long Coil Measurement System Tests."  (April 2007) 
131) LCLS-TN-07-2
Z. Wolf, Y. Levashov, A. Weidemann, E. Lundahl, E. Reese, C. LeCocq, R. Ruland ,  "LCLS Undulator Fiducialization Plan."  (April 2007) 
130) LCLS-TN-07-1
D.H. Dowell, S.M. Gierman, J.F. Schmerge,  "RF Processing Experience with the GTF Prototype RF Gun."  (January 2007) 
129) LCLS-TN-06-18
P. Emma, "Linac Sector 21-30 'QE' Quadrupole Magnet Excitation in LCLS Operation."  (December 2006) 
128) LCLS-TN-06-17
Z. Wolf, Y Levashov, H.-D. Nuhn, I. Vasserman, "LCLS Undulator Test Plan."  (December 2006) 
127) LCLS-TN-06-16
S. Reiche, "Analysis of the LCLS Spontaneous Radiation."  (September 2006) 
126) LCLS-TN-06-15
S.M. Gierman, J.F. Schmerge, "Cold Test Measurements on the GTF Prototype RF Gun."  (September 2006) 
125) LCLS-TN-06-14
M.Y. Levashov, Z. Wolf,  "Set Up and Test Results for a Vibrating Wire System for Quadrupole Fiducialization."  (August 2006) 
124) LCLS-TN-06-13
S. Reiche, "Transverse Coherence of the LCLS X-Ray Beam."  (October 2006) 
123) LCLS-TN-06-12
K.J. Kishiyama and D.M. Behne, "LCLS Heavy Met Outgassing Tests."  (August 2006) 
122) LCLS-TN-06-11
G. Gassner, "Proposal for the Alignment of the "Loose End"."  (July 2006) 
121) LCLS-TN-0-10
D.D. Ryutov, "The Gas Flow from the Gas Attenuator to the Beam Line."  (July 2006) 
120) LCLS-TN-06-9
R.M. Bionta, L.L. Ott, "Transmission Grating Measurements of Undulator K."  (May 2006) 
119) LCLS-TN-06-8
Z. Wolf, "Algorithms to Automate LCLS Undulator Tuning."  (April 2006) 
118) LCLS-TN-06-7
J. Wu, P. Emma, R.C. Field, "Electron Signal Detection for the Beam-Finder Wire of the Linac Coherent Light Source Undulator."  SLAC-PUB-12120 (April 2006) 
117) LCLS-TN-06-6
J. Welch, "Estimate of Undulator Magnet Damage Due to Beam Finder Wire Measurements."  (April 2006) 
116) LCLS-TN-06-5
S. Hau-Riege, "Absorbed XFEL Dose in the Components of the LCLS X-Ray Optics." UCRL-TR-215833 (February 2006) 
115) LCLS-TN-06-4
C. Limborg-Deprey, "Tolerances for Magnetic Fields in the Gun-To-Linac Region of the LCLS Injector." (February 2006) 
114) LCLS-TN-06-3
A.W. Weidemann, "A Degaussing Procedure for the QG01 Quadrupole Magnet." (January 2006) 
113) LCLS-TN-06-2
J. Welch, "Air Temperature in the Undulator Hall." (January 2006) 
112) LCLS-TN-06-1
D.D. Ryutov, R.M. Bionta, M.A. McKernan, S. Shen, J.W. Trent, "The Physics Analysis of a Gas Attenuator with Argon as a Working Gas." UCRL-TR-217980 (January 2006) 
111) LCLS-TN-05-32
J. Wu, Z. Huang, P. Emma, "Analysis of Longitudinal Space Charge Effects with Radial Dependence."  SLAC-PUB-11448  (December 2005) 
110) LCLS-TN-05-31
J. Wu, P. Emma, L. Hendrickson, "Linac Coherent Light Source Longitudinal Feedback Model."  SLAC-PUB-11276  (December 2005) 
109) LCLS-TN-05-30
J. Wu, P. Emma, Z. Huang, "Coherent Synchrotron Radiation as a Diagnostics Tool for the LCLS Longitudinal Feedback System." SLAC-PUB-11275  (December 2005) 
108) LCLS-TN-05-29
P.R. Bolton, C. Limborg-Deprey, "Incident IR Bandwidth Effects on Efficiency and Shaping for Third Harmonic Generation of Quasi-Rectangular UV Longitudinal Profiles."  (November 2005)
107) LCLS-TN-05-28
G.B. Bowden, "Roller Cam Positioners."  (October 2005) 
106) LCLS-TN-05-27
W. Wang, Z. Wolf, "A Prototype Wire Position Monitoring System."  (September 2005) 
105) LCLS-TN-05-26
K.W. Fong, "LCLS Spontaneous Radiation with Reflection along the Beam Line in the Undulator Pipes."  (September 2005) 
104) LCLS-TN-05-25
T.M. Montagne, "Small Aperture BPM to Quadrupole Assembly Tolerance Study."  (September 2005) 
103) LCLS-TN-05-24
K.L.F. Bane, I.A. Zagorodnov, "Wakefields in the LCLS Undulator Transitions."  SLAC-PUB-11388 (August 2005)
102) LCLS-TN-05-23
J. Tanabe, "LCLS Quadrupole Center Stability."  (August 2005) 
101) LCLS-TN-05-22
Z. Wolf, "Undulator Field Integral Measurements."  (July 2005)
100) LCLS-TN-05-21
B. Yang, "A Design Report for the Optical Transition Radiation Imager for the LCLS Undulator."  (July 2005)
99) LCLS-TN-05-20
J.F. Schmerge, "LCLS Injector Drive Laser Requirements for a Cu Cathode."  (August 2005)
98) LCLS-TN-05-19
J.F. Schmerge, J.E. Clendenin, D.H. Dowell, S.M. Gierman "GTF Transverse and Longitudinal Emittance Data Analysis Technique."  (July 2005)
97) LCLS-TN-05-18
P.R. Bolton, "Optical Design Considerations Relevant to Reflective UV Launch Gratings for Photocathode Irradiation."  (June 2005)
96) LCLS-TN-05-17
C. Limborg-Deprey, K. Bane, "Wakefield Computations  for the Injector (Part I)."  (May 2007)
95) LCLS-TN-05-16
C. Limborg-Deprey, "LCLS Injector Straight-Ahead Spectrometer."  (June 2005)
94) LCLS-TN-05-15
C. Limborg-Deprey, K. Bane, C.-K. Ng, "Wakefield Calculations for Radiation Stopper 1  (RST1)."  (August 2005)
93) LCLS-TN-05-14
J.F. Schmerge, "LCLS Gun Solenoid Design Considerations."  (June 2005)
92) LCLS-TN-05-13
D. Dowell, "Penetration of the LCLS Injector Shield Wall at Sector 20."  (May 2005)
91) LCLS-TN-05-12
D. Dowell, "Location of Maximum Credible Beam Losses in LCLS Injector."  (May 2005)
90) LCLS-TN-05-11
Z. Wolf, "A Vibrating Wire System For Quadrupole Fiducialization."  (May 2005)
89) LCLS-TN-05-10
Y. Levashov, Z. Wolf, "Tests of Coordinate Transfer from Magnetic to Mechanical Reference for LCLS Undulator Fiducialization."  (April 2005)
88) LCLS-TN-05-9
Z. Wolf, V. Kaplounenko, "Temperature Measurements in the Magnetic Measurement Facility."  (March 2005)
87) LCLS-TN-05-8
C. Pellegrini, "Traveling Wave Undulators for FELs and Synchrotron Radiation Sources."  (March 2005)
86) LCLS-TN-05-7
F. Peters, G. Gassner, R. Ruland, "First Measurements and Results With a Stretched Wire Test Setup."  (March 2005)
85) LCLS-TN-05-6
K.L.F. Bane, G. Stupakov, "Direct Comparison of Brookhaven Reflectivity Measurements with Free-Electron Theory."  (February 2005)
84) LCLS-TN-05-5
K. Hacker, Z. Wolf, "Triggering for Magnetic Field Measurements of the LCLS Undulators."  (February 2005)
83) LCLS-TN-05-4
K. Hacker, Z. Wolf, "Earth's Magnetic Field Measurements for the LCLS Undulators."  (February 2005)
82) LCLS-TN-05-3
C. Limborg-Deprey, Z. Li, L. Xiao, J.F. Schmerge, D. Dowell, S. Gierman, E. Bong, S. Gilevich, "RF Design of the LCLS Gun."  (February 2005)
81) LCLS-TN-05-2
R. Tatchyn, "An Overview of Near-Field vs. Far-Field Radiation Characteristics of the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)."  SLAC-TN-05-046  (February 2005)
80) LCLS-TN-05-1
P. McIntosh, "S-Band Waveguide Reconfiguration Options for the LCLS RF Gun and L0 Klystron Feeds." SLAC-TN-05-011 (January 2005)
79) LCLS-TN-04-16
C. Limborg-Deprey, P.R. Bolton, "UV Laser Pulse Temporal Profile Requirements for the LCLS Injector - Part I - Fourier Transform Limit for a Temporal Zero Slope Flattop." SLAC-TN-05-012 (November  2004)
78) LCLS-TN-04-15
R.M. Bionta, "X-Ray Transport Optics and Diagnostics Commissioning Report." (October  2004)
77) LCLS-TN-04-14
J. Welch, "Ground Motion Expectations for the LCLS Undulator Hall." SLAC-TN-05-013 (November  2004)
76) LCLS-TN-04-13
J.F. Schmerge, J.M. Castro, J.E. Clendenin, D.H. Dowell, S.M. Gierman, R.O. Hettel, "Emittance and Quantum Efficiency Measurements from a 1.6 Cell S-Band Photocathode RF Gun with Mg Cathode."  SLAC-PUB-10763  (September 2004)
75) LCLS-TN-04-12
R. Kirby, F. Marcelja, "Post-Removal Examination of GTF Cathode #3." SLAC-TN-05-014 (September  2004)
74) LCLS-TN-04-11
K. Bane, G. Stupakov, "Resistive Wakefield in the LCLS Undulator Beam Pipe." SLAC-PUB-10707 (September  2004)
73) LCLS-TN-04-10
J. Welch, "Girder Support Scheme for the LCLS Undulator System." SLAC-TN-05-015 (August  2004)
72) LCLS-TN-04-9
P. Emma, E. Bong, H.-D. Nuhn, C. Rago, C. Spencer, J. Welch, "Electro-Magnetic Quadrupole Magnets in the LCLS FEL Undulator." SLAC-TN-05-016 (August  2004)
71) LCLS-TN-04-8
Z. Wolf, "Requirement for the LCLS Undulator Magnetic Measurement Bench." SLAC-TN-05-017 (August  2004)
70) LCLS-TN-04-7
Z. Wolf, "Introduction to LCLS Undulator Tuning." SLAC-TN-05-043 (June  2004)
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