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SSRL SPEAR shuts down for maintenance/upgrades August 2.
Operations run resume in October.

As of June 2021, SSRL is transitioning to greater on-site presence. Contact the User Office if you have questions about COVID-19 impacts on your experiments or to request an extension. Submit proposals and BTRs by posted deadlines.

SSRL/LCLS Virutal Users' Meeting & Workshops, Sept. 20-24, 2021 -- Register Now to Join Plenary Sessions or Workshops!

  • Metals in Biology
  • Scientific Opportunities for Remote Access to User Facilities
  • Tender X-ray spectroscopy Opportunities at LCLS and SSRL
  • Time Resolved Science -  Bridging Time Scales Using XFELs and Synchrotrons
  • Computational methods in the Structural Sciences
  • Ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy for catalysis dynamics: Condensed phase and interface chemistry
  • Circular Dichroism Studies in the Gas Phase - Opportunities for Polarization Control
  • CryoEM of Macromolecules and cells
  • Recent developments at the Theory Institute for Materials and Energy Spectroscopies (TIMES) at SLAC: Theory, Simulations, and Software
  • Bioscience enabled by serial crystallography at LCLS and SSRL
  • Enhancing X-ray spectroscopy with ab initio and classical computational tools to understand environmental processes
  • Attosecond XFELs: Recent Progress and Future Applications
  • Matter in Extreme Conditions
  • MeV-UED Workshop
  • Non linear science at the Tender X-ray Instrument
  • Time Resolved Photoemission using Momentum Microscope at LCLS-II
  • TMO beyond early science
  • Ultrafast Scattering at the high energy limit:  Challenges and Opportunities in the 15-25 keV photon energy range
  • High-repetition rate X-ray imaging/scattering
  • X-ray spectroscopic studies of superconducting and low-dimensional nickelates
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in science: Guidelines for research groups
  • How to Present Scientific Content in Different Contexts
  • Synchrotron and Neutron Investigations of Deep subsurface Energy Systems

    Note:  Contact SSRL beamline scientists or floor support staff for other meetings or visits that do not require a user badge, or contact the URA office for assistance.

  • LODGING:  Reserve rooms at the GUEST HOUSE using the SLAC User Reservations Portal to access user rooms and rates (specify SSRL, proposal number and spokesperson when making reservations through the user reservations portal).

  • FOOD:  Visit the SLACafé Monday–Friday 11:30am–2:30pm. Other FOOD OPTIONS maay include restaurants that deliver to SLAC Main Gate/Guest House.

  • NEWS:  Stay informed by subscribing to SSRL Headline News (send e-mail to with "subscribe ssrl-headlines" in the body).

  • WORK SAFELY:  Be aware and exercise caution when visiting SLAC, particularly during construction. Contact Security if help is needed or to report any problems or suspicious activity: 650-926-2551. For EMERGENCIES, CALL 911 OR 5555.

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