SSRL Presents Series

Date Seminar Title
11/20/2013 Graphite and its Hidden Superconductivity
11/20/2013 Graphite and its Hidden Superconductivity
10/24/2013 Atomic-Resolution Spectroscopic Imaging and In Situ Environmental Study of Bimetallic Nanocatalysts by Fast Electrons
10/09/2013 New developments with SDD detectors
09/25/2013 X-ray and neutron scattering studies of the complex compounds
09/09/2013 Dopant Site Determination in Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Utilizing X-ray Absorption Techniques
08/21/2013 Correlating Spatial Heterogeneities in Porosity and Permeability with Metal Poisoning within an Individual Catalyst Particle using X-ray Microscopy
08/12/2013 Lensless Imaging of Atomic Surface Structures via Ptychography
08/09/2013 The Best of Both Worlds: Bulk Diamond Properties Realized at the Nanoscale
08/02/2013 A New Center for Organic Electronics at Masdar Institute
07/23/2013 Exploring electronic structure through high-resolution hard x-ray spectroscopies
07/16/2013 Time-resolved Spectroscopy of Laser-heated Copper Foils
07/12/2013 In situ XAS Characterization of Catalytic Nano-Materials with Applications to Fuel Cells and Batteries
07/09/2013 In situ X-ray Characterization of Energy Storage Materials
12/14/2012 Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy Using Soft X-ray and Hard X-ray, and its applications in electrochemistry
11/13/2012 Please join us for a triple-header seminar organized around Modeling RNA and Protein/RNA Complexes
10/29/2012 Seeking New Approaches to Investigate Domestication Events
10/29/2012 Instrumentation upgrades for the Macromolecular Crystallography beamlines of the Swiss Light Source
10/18/2012 From corrosion to batteries: Electrochemical interface studies
10/17/2012 In situ structural characterization of metal catalysts and materials using XAFS spectroscopy in combination with complementary techniques.
09/28/2012 Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering – Combining Structural with Spectroscopic Refinement
09/17/2012 Orientational Analysis of Molecules in Thin Films
09/14/2012 Soft x-ray capabilities for investigating the strongly correlated electron materials
09/10/2012 Magnetism studies using resonant, coherent, x-ray scattering
09/06/2012 Beyond 3-D X-ray Imaging: Methodology Development and Applications in Material Science
09/05/2012 Probing Spatial, Electronic Structures with X-ray Scattering, Spectroscopic Techniques
06/25/2012 Systems Biology in Prokaryote - Eukaryote Symbiosis
06/22/2012 Control of Substrate Access to the Active Site and Catalytic Mechanism of Methane and Toluene Monooxygenases
06/18/2012 Structural Studies of Al:ZnO Powders and Thin Films
05/16/2012 Speciation of Uranium in Biologically Reduced Sediments in the Old Rifle Aquifer
05/14/2012 Characterization of Gas Shales by X-ray Raman Spectroscopy
04/23/2012 Using XAFS to Determine Origin of Ferromagnetism in LaCoO3
04/06/2012 Structure of Molecular Thin Films for Organic Electronics
03/26/2012 Geochemical Behaviour of S, Cl and Fe in Silicate Melts/Glasses Simulating Natural Magmas
03/01/2012 Field-driven Polarization and Domain Dynamics of Ferroelectric/Dielectric Superlattices
02/24/2012 A Combined Electrochemical and Ultra-High Vacuum Approach to Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis
02/23/2012 Characterization of Gas Shales by X-ray Raman Spectroscopy
02/13/2012 Transport and Failure in Li-ion Batteries
01/09/2012 Research Highlights, Recent Developments at Elettra Laboratory in Trieste
01/05/2012 Identifying Transition State Features of Enzymatic Conformational Cycles
12/02/2011 The European X-ray Free-Electron Laser: A Progress Report
11/22/2011 High-resolution Soft-RIXS: Scientific Goals and Technical Challenges
11/17/2011 Tutorial: The Basics of SAXS Data Analysis
11/17/2011 BioSAXS: Ways and Means to Study Structural Flexibility of Biological Macromolecules
10/25/2011 Workshop: New Advances in Crystallography with Synchrotrons and X-FELs
10/25/2011 Workshop: Synchrotron Applications in Chemical Catalysis
10/22/2011 Workshop: Time Resolved X-Ray Science at High Repetition Rate
08/01/2011 Improvement of X-ray Analysis of Nano-scaled Materials by Means of High Resolution X-ray Emission Spectrometry
07/19/2011 Shining Light on Catalysis
07/01/2011 Pixel and Microstrip detectors for current and future synchrotron light sources
05/27/2011 Vacuum gaps with small tunnel currents at large electric field and its potential applications for energy storage, charge storage and power supplies.
05/23/2011 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigations of Complex Oxides
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