SSRL Experimental Run Schedule

The FY2016 User Run ended on July 25, 2016. Preparations are underway for the FY2017 run
which will begin in early November 2016 and continue through July 2017.  The schedule for the 1st run cycle (November-early February is being drafted and should be available shorlty.
The previous X-ray, VUV and Macromolecular Crystallography schedules are provided below.
The schedule for the first run cyle in FY2017 should be available later in September.
X-ray 2015-2016      

VUV 2015-2016

(BL5, 8, 10-1, 13-1/2/3)  

Macromolecular Crystallography 2015-2016
see also: Support Staff Schedule

Operating Schedule

NEW FY 2017 SPEAR Operating Schedule


see Schedule Archive


The SSRL storage ring team is in the final stages of installing hardware that will enable reducing the SPEAR3 emittance to 6 nm from its present value of 10 nm.  The last piece is the installation of the thin septum injection magnet that will occur this summer.  Work to implement the new lower emittance optics in SPEAR3 will proceed after the summer shutdown, with delivery for operations expected sometime during the FY2017 user run.

Accelerator Schedule (for staff)

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