SSRL Safety Guidelines & Resources

The DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) is committed to conducting research in a manner that ensures protection of the workers, the public and the environment, and it is a direct and individual responsibility of all BES managers and BES supported researchers and their staff. Funds provided by BES for research will be applied as necessary to ensure that all BES research activities are conducted safely and in an environmentally conscientious manner. Only research conducted in this way will be supported.

Safety and Security Overview

Each person who works at SSRL is required to be familiar with and identify in advance the hazards associated with his/her work, the hazards associated with work areas, and to properly implement all necessary procedures and protocols for mitigation of those hazards. Each person is required to observe all federal, state, local and SSRL workplace safety regulations as well as  Integrated Safety & Environmental Management System (ISEMS) and Work Planning and Control (WPC).

Proposal Safety Review

A series of safety related questions are incorporated into the proposal and experiment safety process. Please answer these questions and provide additional information as appropriate. When appropriate, the SSRL Safety Office will contact you and coordinate specific training and controls to mitigate potential safety issues associated with your proposed experiment. Contact the SSRL Safety Office to discuss all safety issues related to user proposals or scheduled experiments.

See the SSRL User Resources webpages for more information & step by step instructions.
**It is important to review requirements for shipping samples & ordering chemicals/gases as well as fully understanding the user agreement.**

Safety Training

SSRL users must complete:

  • Course 219 - ESH Safety Orientation
  • Course 115 - General Employee Radiation Training (GERT)
  • Course CS100 - Cyber Security Training for Lab Users
* SSRL Safety Orientation Talk is required to work on the SSRL experimental floor. If not completed since August 2021, sign up for this hands-on building orientation and hutch operation training in the Bldg. 120 lobby or contact the SSRL Duty Operator at 650-926-4040 to arrange time for this trainiing before conducting work at SSRL (generally planned for weekdays at 2 pm).  Check the SPEAR operating schedule for information on dates when SSRL will be DOWN for Maintenance, Accelerator Physics, Holiday breaks to plan visits accordingly.

Additional training requirements may be identified for SSRL users who plan to perform particular types of hazardous work while they are SSRL. Additional supplemental safety training courses may include: Laser Worker Safety Training, Radiological Worker Training (RWT), or other courses identified by the SSRL Safety officer or assigned by the user supervisor.

Users are encouraged to review the check-in procedures and complete training before arrival. To complete training, log in to the new training portal (review instructions at, enter you system ID# and the temporary password, SLACtraining2005!. Users will need to change the password to their own personal password after first time log in. Remember your password, or to request a new password submit the password request form

When the course is completed, credit for completing the course will be downloaded into the SLAC training database. Most training courses have a test at the end, and a passing grade of 80% or better is required to receive credit for training.

User Housekeeping Responsibilities - While at SSRL, users are expected to keep all work areas NEAT and ORDERLY and to CLEAN UP your work areas before your experiment ends. FAILURE TO MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL IMPACT THE ABILITY OF YOUR PROPOSAL TEAM TO ACCESS OUR FACILITIES IN THE FUTURE.


Feedback is an important part of the Integrated Safety & Environmental Management System (ISEMS). Users are required to complete an End of Run Summary after each scheduled experiment. The feedback provided by users will be used to address issues raised by users and to continually improve user resources and support. User feedback will be shared with SSRL safety office, management and scientific advisory committees. Users are also encouraged to contact the Users' Organization Executive Committee to share their suggestions or concerns. The End of Run Summary is available through the User Portal.

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