Data Management at SSRL

SSRL Users are responsible for meeting the Data Management obligations of their home institutions and granting agencies. In general, SSRL provides data acquisition systems (computers/software) and short term data storage on all of its beam lines. The beam line computers are connected to central servers via a high speed network, and data are transferred to these servers for backup and short-term storage.  SSRL does not provide long term storage or archiving of data; users must generally transfer their data to their home institutions over the network or to their own portable storage devices.

Individual beam lines may have specific resources and data management practices to help users meet their data management needs and obligations.  Users should consult beam line staff when formulating data management plans and strategies. The list of beam lines and responsible staff can be found at the following at thsi link, beam lines.

SSRL User Data: Access and Retention Policy

If you have questions, please contact the SSRL User Research Administration Office..

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