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User Publications 2020

  1. Lignin-Graft-Poly(lactic--glycolic) Acid Biopolymers for Polymeric Nanoparticle Synthesis.
    Astete, C.E.; De Mel, J.U.; Gupta, S.; Noh, Y.R.; Bleuel, M.; Schneider, G.J.; Sabliov, C.M. ACS Omega 5, 9892-9902 (2020).

  2. Enhanced purification coupled with biophysical analyses shows cross-β structure as a core building block for Streptococcus mutans functional amyloids.
    Barran-Berdon, A.L.; Ocampo, S.; Haider, M.; Morales-Aparicio, J.; Ottenberg, G.; Kendall, A.; Yarmola, E.; Mishra, S.; Long, J.R.; Hagen, S.J.; Stubbs, G.; Brady, J. Sci Rep 10, 5138 (2020).

  3. Higher order assembling of the mycobacterial polar growth factor DivIVA/Wag31.
    Choukate, K.; Gupta, A.; Basu, B.; Virk, K.; Ganguli, M.; Chaudhuri, B. J Struct Biol 209, 107429 (2020).

  4. The C-Terminal Domain of α-Synuclein Confers Steric Stabilization on Synaptic Vesicle-like Surfaces
    Chung, P.J.; Hwang, H.Luke; Slaw, B.R.; Leong, A.; Adams, E.J.; Lee, K.Yee C. Adv. Mater. Interf. 7, (2020).

  5. Antibody Probes of Module 1 of the 6-Deoxyerythronolide B Synthase Reveal an Extended Conformation During Ketoreduction.
    Cogan, D.P.; Li, X.; Sevillano, N.; Mathews, I.I.; Matsui, T.; Craik, C.S.; Khosla, C. J Am Chem Soc 142, 14933-14939 (2020).

  6. Multivalent Assembly of Flexible Polymer Chains into Supramolecular Nanofibers.
    Cooper, C.B.; Kang, J.; Yin, Y.; Yu, Z.; Wu, H.C.; Nikzad, S.; Ochiai, Y.; Yan, H.; Cai, W.; Bao, Z. J Am Chem Soc 142, 16814-16824 (2020).

  7. Switchable Membrane Remodeling and Antifungal Defense by Metamorphic Chemokine XCL1.
    Dishman, A.F.; Lee, M.W.; de Anda, J.; Lee, E.Y.; He, J.; Huppler, A.R.; Wong, G.C.L.; Volkman, B.F. ACS Infect Dis 6, 1204-1213 (2020).

  8. Engineering Supramolecular Polymer Conformation for Efficient Carbon Nanotube Sorting.
    Gao, T.Z.; Sun, Z.; Yan, X.; Wu, H.C.; Yan, H.; Bao, Z. Small 16, e2000923 (2020).

  9. The influence of proline isomerization on potency and stability of anti-HIV antibody 10E8.
    Guttman, M.; Padte, N.N.; Huang, Y.; Yu, J.; Rocklin, G.J.; Weitzner, B.D.; Scian, M.; Ho, D.D.; Lee, K.K. Sci Rep 10, 14313 (2020).

  10. Anisotropic Dynamics and Mechanics of Macromolecular Crystals Containing Lattice-Patterned Polymer Networks.
    Han, K.; Bailey, J.B.; Zhang, L.; Tezcan, A. J Am Chem Soc 142, 19402-19410 (2020).

  11. A bacterial surface layer protein exploits multistep crystallization for rapid self-assembly.
    Herrmann, J.; Li, P.N.; Jabbarpour, F.; Chan, A.C.K.; Rajkovic, I.; Matsui, T.; Shapiro, L.; Smit, J.; Weiss, T.M.; Murphy, M.E.P.; Wakatsuki, S. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117, 388-394 (2020).

  12. Semiconducting Eggs and Ladders: Understanding Exciton Landscape Formation in Aqueous π-Conjugated Inter-Polyelectrolyte Complexes
    Hollingsworth, W.R.; Williams, V.; Ayzner, A.L. Macromolecules 53, 2724-2734 (2020).

  13. Halogenation-Dependent Effects of the Chlorosulfolipids of on Lipid Bilayers.
    Iii, F.R.Moss; Cabrera, G.E.; McKenna, G.M.; Salerno, G.J.; Shuken, S.R.; Landry, M.L.; Weiss, T.M.; Burns, N.Z.; Boxer, S.G. ACS Chem Biol 15, 2986-2995 (2020).

  14. How do cyclic antibiotics with activity against Gram-negative bacteria permeate membranes? A machine learning informed experimental study.
    Lee, M.W.; de Anda, J.; Kroll, C.; Bieniossek, C.; Bradley, K.; Amrein, K.E.; Wong, G.C.L. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr 1862, 183302 (2020).

  15. Structural insights of the enzymes from the chitin utilization locus of Flavobacterium johnsoniae.
    Mazurkewich, S.; Helland, R.; Mackenzie, A.; Eijsink, V.G.H.; Pope, P.B.; Brändén, G.; Larsbrink, J. Sci Rep 10, 13775 (2020).

  16. Assembly of Building Blocks by Double-End-Anchored Polymers in the Dilute Regime Mediated by Hydrophobic Interactions at Controlled Distances.
    Wonder, E.A.; Ewert, K.K.; Liu, C.; Steffes, V.M.; Kwak, J.; Qahar, V.; Majzoub, R.N.; Zhang, Z.; Carragher, B.; Potter, C.S.; Li, Y.; Qiao, W.; Safinya, C.R. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 12, 45728-45743 (2020).

  17. Spatiotemporal Formation and Growth Kinetics of Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles with Millisecond Resolution
    Wu, H.; Ting, J.M.; Yu, B.; Jackson, N.E.; Meng, S.; de Pablo, J.J.; Tirrell, M.V. ACS Macro Lett. 9, 1674-1680 (2020).

  18. The structural ensemble of a Holliday junction determined by X-ray scattering interference.
    Zettl, T.; Shi, X.; Bonilla, S.; Sedlak, S.M.; Lipfert, J.; Herschlag, D. Nucleic Acids Res 48, 8090-8098 (2020).

  19. Environmentally Benign Nanoantibiotics with a Built-in Deactivation Switch Responsive to Natural Habitats.
    Zheng, W.; Anzaldua, M.; Arora, A.; Jiang, Y.; McIntyre, K.; Doerfert, M.; Winter, T.; Mishra, A.; Ma, H.; Liang, H. Biomacromolecules 21, 2187-2198 (2020).