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User Publications 2015

  1. Magnetic field induced quantum dot brightening in liquid crystal synergized magnetic and semiconducting nanoparticle composite assemblies.
    Amaral, J.Jussi; Wan, J.; Rodarte, A.L.; Ferri, C.; Quint, M.T.; Pandolfi, R.J.; Scheibner, M.; Hirst, L.S.; Ghosh, S. Soft Matter 11, 255-60 (2015).

  2. Molecular mechanisms of cell death: central implication of ATP synthase in mitochondrial permeability transition.
    Bonora, M.; Wieckowsk, M.R.; Chinopoulos, C.; Kepp, O.; Kroemer, G.; Galluzzi, L.; Pinton, P. Oncogene 34, 1608 (2015).

  3. Prion Protein-Antibody Complexes Characterized by Chromatography-Coupled Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering.
    Carter, L.; Kim, S.Joong; Schneidman-Duhovny, D.; Stöhr, J.; Poncet-Montange, G.; Weiss, T.M.; Tsuruta, H.; Prusiner, S.B.; Sali, A. Biophys J 109, 793-805 (2015).

  4. Long-range ion-water and ion-ion interactions in aqueous solutions.
    Chen, C.; Huang, C.; Waluyo, I.; Weiss, T.; Pettersson, L.G.M.; Nilsson, A. Phys Chem Chem Phys 17, 8427-30 (2015).

  5. Direct force measurements reveal that protein Tau confers short-range attractions and isoform-dependent steric stabilization to microtubules.
    Chung, P.J.; Choi, M.Chul; Miller, H.P.; Feinstein, E.; Raviv, U.; Li, Y.; Wilson, L.; Feinstein, S.C.; Safinya, C.R. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112, E6416-25 (2015).

  6. Impact of phospholipids on plasmid packaging and toxicity of gemini nanoparticles.
    Dong, C.; Badea, I.; Poorghorban, M.; Verrall, R.; Foldvari, M. J Mater Chem B 3, 8806-8822 (2015).

  7. Structural Variations and Solvent Structure of r(UGGGGU) Quadruplexes Stabilized by Sr(2+) Ions.
    Fyfe, A.C.; Dunten, P.W.; Martick, M.M.; Scott, W.G. J Mol Biol 427, 2205-19 (2015).

  8. Dynamic changes during acid-induced activation of influenza hemagglutinin.
    Garcia, N.K.; Guttman, M.; Ebner, J.L.; Lee, K.K. Structure 23, 665-76 (2015).

  9. The accurate assessment of small-angle X-ray scattering data.
    Grant, T.D.; Luft, J.R.; Carter, L.G.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Martel, A.; Snell, E.H. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 71, 45-56 (2015).

  10. Local and global structural drivers for the photoactivation of the orange carotenoid protein.
    Gupta, S.; Guttman, M.; Leverenz, R.L.; Zhumadilova, K.; Pawlowski, E.G.; Petzold, C.J.; Lee, K.K.; Ralston, C.Y.; Kerfeld, C.A. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112, E5567-74 (2015).

  11. Structural Studies of Geosmin Synthase, a Bifunctional Sesquiterpene Synthase with αα Domain Architecture That Catalyzes a Unique Cyclization-Fragmentation Reaction Sequence.
    Harris, G.G.; Lombardi, P.M.; Pemberton, T.A.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Cole, K.E.; Köksal, M.; Murphy, F.V.; Vedula, S.; Chou, W.K.W.; Cane, D.E.; Christianson, D.W. Biochemistry 54, 7142-55 (2015).

  12. Small-Anion Selective Transmembrane "Holes" Induced by an Antimicrobial Peptide Too Short to Span Membranes.
    Hu, K.; Jiang, Y.; Xie, Y.; Liu, H.; Liu, R.; Zhao, Z.; Lai, R.; Yang, L. J Phys Chem B 119, 8553-60 (2015).

  13. PqqD is a novel peptide chaperone that forms a ternary complex with the radical S-adenosylmethionine protein PqqE in the pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthetic pathway.
    Latham, J.A.; Iavarone, A.T.; Barr, I.; Juthani, P.V.; Klinman, J.P. J Biol Chem 290, 12908-18 (2015).

  14. Ordering in bio-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials probed by in situ scanning transmission X-ray microscopy.
    Lee, J.R.I.; Bagge-Hansen, M.; Tunuguntla, R.; Kim, K.; Bangar, M.; Willey, T.M.; Tran, I.C.; Kilcoyne, D.A.; Noy, A.; van Buuren, T. Nanoscale 7, 9477-86 (2015).

  15. Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 8: Tetrameric Structure and Protein Substrate Specificity.
    Lee, W.C.; Lin, W.L.; Matsui, T.; Chen, E.S.W.; Wei, T.Y.Wade; Lin, W.H.; Hu, H.; Zheng, Y.George; Tsai, M.D.; Ho, M.C. Biochemistry 54, 7514-23 (2015).

  16. Assembly and Molecular Architecture of the Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase p85α Homodimer.
    LoPiccolo, J.; Kim, S.Joong; Shi, Y.; Wu, B.; Wu, H.; Chait, B.T.; Singer, R.H.; Sali, A.; Brenowitz, M.; Bresnick, A.R.; Backer, J.M. J Biol Chem 290, 30390-405 (2015).

  17. Effects of Low Concentrations of Docosahexaenoic Acid on the Structure and Phase Behavior of Model Lipid Membranes.
    Lor, C.; Hirst, L.S. Membranes (Basel) 5, 857-74 (2015).

  18. An encapsidated viral protein and its role in RNA packaging by a non-enveloped animal RNA virus.
    Mendes, A.; Vlok, M.; Short, J.R.; Matsui, T.; Dorrington, R.A. Virology 476, 323-333 (2015).

  19. The structure of the PanD/PanZ protein complex reveals negative feedback regulation of pantothenate biosynthesis by coenzyme A.
    Monteiro, D.C.F.; Patel, V.; Bartlett, C.P.; Nozaki, S.; Grant, T.D.; Gowdy, J.A.; Thompson, G.S.; Kalverda, A.P.; Snell, E.H.; Niki, H.; Pearson, A.R.; Webb, M.E. Chem Biol 22, 492-503 (2015).

  20. Anti-PolyQ Antibodies Recognize a Short PolyQ Stretch in Both Normal and Mutant Huntingtin Exon 1.
    Owens, G.E.; New, D.M.; West, A.P.; Bjorkman, P.J. J Mol Biol 427, 2507-2519 (2015).

  21. Characterization of the host-guest complex of a curcumin analog with β-cyclodextrin and β-cyclodextrin-gemini surfactant and evaluation of its anticancer activity.
    Poorghorban, M.; Das, U.; Alaidi, O.; Chitanda, J.M.; Michel, D.; Dimmock, J.; Verrall, R.; Grochulski, P.; Badea, I. Int J Nanomedicine 10, 503-15 (2015).

  22. Self-assembled nanoparticle micro-shells templated by liquid crystal sorting.
    Rodarte, A.L.; Cao, B.H.; Panesar, H.; Pandolfi, R.J.; Quint, M.; Edwards, L.; Ghosh, S.; Hein, J.E.; Hirst, L.S. Soft Matter 11, 1701-7 (2015).

  23. Structural insight and flexible features of NS5 proteins from all four serotypes of Dengue virus in solution.
    Saw, W.Geok; Tria, G.; Grüber, A.; Manimekalai, M.Sony Subra; Zhao, Y.; Chandramohan, A.; Anand, G.Srinivasan; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Vasudevan, S.G.; Grüber, G. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 71, 2309-27 (2015).

  24. Liquid-crystalline ordering of antimicrobial peptide-DNA complexes controls TLR9 activation.
    Schmidt, N.W.; Jin, F.; Lande, R.; Curk, T.; Xian, W.; Lee, C.; Frasca, L.; Frenkel, D.; Dobnikar, J.; Gilliet, M.; Wong, G.C.L. Nat Mater 14, 696-700 (2015).

  25. Quantifying Nucleic Acid Ensembles with X-ray Scattering Interferometry.
    Shi, X.; Bonilla, S.; Herschlag, D.; Harbury, P. Methods Enzymol 558, 75-97 (2015).

  26. Nematic director reorientation at solid and liquid interfaces under flow: SAXS studies in a microfluidic device.
    Silva, B.F.B.; Zepeda-Rosales, M.; Venkateswaran, N.; Fletcher, B.J.; Carter, L.G.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Han, J.; Li, Y.; Olsson, U.; Safinya, C.R. Langmuir 31, 4361-71 (2015).

  27. The Hsp104 N-terminal domain enables disaggregase plasticity and potentiation.
    Sweeny, E.A.; Jackrel, M.E.; Go, M.S.; Sochor, M.A.; Razzo, B.M.; DeSantis, M.E.; Gupta, K.; Shorter, J. Mol Cell 57, 836-849 (2015).

  28. Intrinsic disorder drives N-terminal ubiquitination by Ube2w.
    Vittal, V.; Shi, L.; Wenzel, D.M.; Scaglione, M.; Duncan, E.D.; Basrur, V.; Elenitoba-Johnson, K.S.J.; Baker, D.; Paulson, H.L.; Brzovic, P.S.; Klevit, R.E. Nat Chem Biol 11, 83-9 (2015).

  29. Structural studies of truncated forms of the prion protein PrP.
    Wan, W.; Wille, H.; Stöhr, J.; Kendall, A.; Bian, W.; McDonald, M.; Tiggelaar, S.; Watts, J.C.; Prusiner, S.B.; Stubbs, G. Biophys J 108, 1548-1554 (2015).

  30. Truncated forms of the prion protein PrP demonstrate the need for complexity in prion structure.
    Wan, W.; Stöhr, J.; Kendall, A.; Stubbs, G. Prion 9, 333-8 (2015).

  31. In situ structural studies of Anabaena sensory rhodopsin in the E. coli membrane.
    Ward, M.E.; Wang, S.; Munro, R.; Ritz, E.; Hung, I.; Gor'kov, P.L.; Jiang, Y.; Liang, H.; Brown, L.S.; Ladizhansky, V. Biophys J 108, 1683-1696 (2015).

  32. Helical antimicrobial polypeptides with radial amphiphilicity.
    Xiong, M.; Lee, M.W.; Mansbach, R.A.; Song, Z.; Bao, Y.; Peek, R.M.; Yao, C.; Chen, L.F.; Ferguson, A.L.; Wong, G.C.L.; Cheng, J. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112, 13155-60 (2015).

  33. Viral fusion protein transmembrane domain adopts β-strand structure to facilitate membrane topological changes for virus-cell fusion.
    Yao, H.; Lee, M.W.; Waring, A.J.; Wong, G.C.L.; Hong, M. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112, 10926-31 (2015).

  34. Structural Insights into WD-Repeat 48 Activation of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 46.
    Yin, J.P.; Schoeffler, A.J.; Wickliffe, K.; Newton, K.; Starovasnik, M.A.; Dueber, E.C.; Harris, S.F. Structure 23, 2043-54 (2015).