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User Publications 2018

  1. Mechanism of phosphoribosyl-ubiquitination mediated by a single Legionella effector.
    Akturk, A.; Wasilko, D.J.; Wu, X.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Qiu, J.; Luo, Z.Q.; Reiter, K.H.; Brzovic, P.S.; Klevit, R.E.; Mao, Y. Nature 557, 729-733 (2018).

  2. Molecular Engineering as an Approach To Modulate Gene Delivery Efficiency of Peptide-Modified Gemini Surfactants.
    Al-Dulaymi, M.; Michel, D.; Chitanda, J.M.; El-Aneed, A.; Verrall, R.E.; Grochulski, P.; Badea, I. Bioconjug Chem 29, 3293-3308 (2018).

  3. Structural and functional delineation of aerobactin biosynthesis in hypervirulent .
    Bailey, D.C.; Alexander, E.; Rice, M.R.; Drake, E.J.; Mydy, L.S.; Aldrich, C.C.; Gulick, A.M. J Biol Chem 293, 7841-7852 (2018).

  4. Comparison between 102k and 20k Poly(ethylene oxide) Depletants in Osmotic Pressure Measurements of Interfilament Forces in Cytoskeletal Systems
    Chung, P.J.; Song, C.; Deek, J.; Miller, H.P.; Li, Y.; Choi, M.Chul; Wilson, L.; Feinstein, S.C.; Safinya, C.R. ACS Macro Lett 7, 228-232 (2018).

  5. EpCAM homo-oligomerization is not the basis for its role in cell-cell adhesion.
    Gaber, A.; Kim, S.Joong; Kaake, R.M.; Benčina, M.; Krogan, N.; Sali, A.; Pavšič, M.; Lenarčič, B. Sci Rep 8, 13269 (2018).

  6. Polyion Charge Ratio Determines Transition between Bright and Dark Excitons in Donor/Acceptor-Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Complexes
    Hollingsworth, W.R.; Magnanelli, T.J.; Segura, C.; Young, J.D.; Bragg, A.E.; Ayzner, A.L. J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 22280-22293 (2018).

  7. Integrative structure and functional anatomy of a nuclear pore complex.
    Kim, S.Joong; Fernandez-Martinez, J.; Nudelman, I.; Shi, Y.; Zhang, W.; Raveh, B.; Herricks, T.; Slaughter, B.D.; Hogan, J.A.; Upla, P.; Chemmama, I.E.; Pellarin, R.; Echeverria, I.; Shivaraju, M.; Chaudhury, A.S.; Wang, J.; Williams, R.; Unruh, J.R.; Greenberg, C.H.; Jacobs, E.Y.; Yu, Z.; de la Cruz, J.; Mironska, R.; Stokes, D.L.; Aitchison, J.D.; Jarrold, M.F.; Gerton, J.L.; Ludtke, S.J.; Akey, C.W.; Chait, B.T.; Sali, A.; Rout, M.P. Nature 555, 475-482 (2018).

  8. The L Phase of Pulmonary Surfactant.
    Kumar, K.; Chavarha, M.; Loney, R.W.; Weiss, T.M.; Rananavare, S.B.; Hall, S.B. Langmuir 34, 6601-6611 (2018).

  9. A viral-fusion-peptide-like molecular switch drives membrane insertion of botulinum neurotoxin A1.
    Lam, K.H.; Guo, Z.; Krez, N.; Matsui, T.; Perry, K.; Weisemann, J.; Rummel, A.; Bowen, M.E.; Jin, R. Nat Commun 9, 5367 (2018).

  10. Machine learning-enabled discovery and design of membrane-active peptides.
    Lee, E.Y.; Wong, G.C.L.; Ferguson, A.L. Bioorg Med Chem 26, 2708-2718 (2018).

  11. Modulation of toll-like receptor signaling by antimicrobial peptides.
    Lee, E.Y.; Lee, M.W.; Wong, G.C.L. Semin Cell Dev Biol , (2018).

  12. What Can Pleiotropic Proteins in Innate Immunity Teach Us about Bioconjugation and Molecular Design?
    Lee, M.W.; Lee, E.Y.; Wong, G.C.L. Bioconjug Chem 29, 2127-2139 (2018).

  13. Structure-Function Analysis of the Extended Conformation of a Polyketide Synthase Module.
    Li, X.; Sevillano, N.; La Greca, F.; Deis, L.; Liu, Y.C.; Deller, M.C.; Mathews, I.I.; Matsui, T.; Cane, D.E.; Craik, C.S.; Khosla, C. J Am Chem Soc 140, 6518-6521 (2018).

  14. Discovery and Characterization of a Thioesterase-Specific Monoclonal Antibody That Recognizes the 6-Deoxyerythronolide B Synthase.
    Li, X.; Sevillano, N.; La Greca, F.; Hsu, J.; Mathews, I.I.; Matsui, T.; Craik, C.S.; Khosla, C. Biochemistry 57, 6201-6208 (2018).

  15. Structure and mechanism of a bacterial t6A biosynthesis system.
    Luthra, A.; Swinehart, W.; Bayooz, S.; Phan, P.; Stec, B.; Iwata-Reuyl, D.; Swairjo, M.A. Nucleic Acids Res 46, 1395-1411 (2018).

  16. Inhibitor potency varies widely among tumor-relevant human isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 mutants.
    Matteo, D.Avellaneda; Wells, G.A.; Luna, L.A.; Grunseth, A.J.; Zagnitko, O.; Scott, D.A.; Hoang, A.; Luthra, A.; Swairjo, M.A.; Schiffer, J.M.; Sohl, C.D. Biochem J 475, 3221-3238 (2018).

  17. Design and Evaluation of Gemini Surfactant-Based Lipoplexes Modified with Cell-Binding Peptide for Targeted Gene Therapy in Melanoma Model.
    Mohammed-Saeid, W.; Soudy, R.; Tikoo, R.; Kaur, K.; Verrall, R.E.; Badea, I. J Pharm Pharm Sci 21, 363-375 (2018).

  18. An N-terminally truncated form of cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase Iα (PKG Iα) is monomeric and autoinhibited and provides a model for activation.
    Moon, T.M.; Sheehe, J.L.; Nukareddy, P.; Nausch, L.W.; Wohlfahrt, J.; Matthews, D.E.; Blumenthal, D.K.; Dostmann, W.R. J Biol Chem 293, 7916-7929 (2018).

  19. Ladderane phospholipids form a densely packed membrane with normal hydrazine and anomalously low proton/hydroxide permeability.
    Moss, F.R.; Shuken, S.R.; Mercer, J.A.M.; Cohen, C.M.; Weiss, T.M.; Boxer, S.G.; Burns, N.Z. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115, 9098-9103 (2018).

  20. α-Catenin Structure and Nanoscale Dynamics in Solution and in Complex with F-Actin.
    Nicholl, I.D.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Stanley, C.B.; Heller, W.T.; Martel, A.; Farago, B.; Callaway, D.J.E.; Bu, Z. Biophys J 115, 642-654 (2018).

  21. A long-lived Aβ oligomer resistant to fibrillization.
    Nick, M.; Wu, Y.; Schmidt, N.W.; Prusiner, S.B.; Stöhr, J.; Degrado, W.F. Biopolymers , (2018).

  22. Absence of Mixed Phase in Organic Photovoltaic Active Layers Facilitates Use of Green Solvent Processing
    Oosterhout, S.D.; Savikhin, V.; Burgers, M.A.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, Y.; Marder, S.R.; Bazan, G.C.; Toney, M.F. J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 11136-11144 (2018).

  23. Intrinsic disorder in the regulatory N-terminal domain of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 from Brassica napus.
    Panigrahi, R.; Matsui, T.; Song, A.H.; Caldo, K.Mark P.; Young, H.S.; Weselake, R.J.; Lemieux, J. Sci Rep 8, 16665 (2018).

  24. Carbon Nanotube Porins in Amphiphilic Block Copolymers as Fully Synthetic Mimics of Biological Membranes.
    Sanborn, J.R.; Chen, X.; Yao, Y.C.; Hammons, J.A.; Tunuguntla, R.H.; Zhang, Y.; Newcomb, C.C.; Soltis, J.A.; De Yoreo, J.J.; Van Buuren, A.; Parikh, A.N.; Noy, A. Adv Mater 30, e1803355 (2018).

  25. Self-Assembly of a Designed Nucleoprotein Architecture through Multimodal Interactions.
    Subramanian, R.H.; Smith, S.J.; Alberstein, R.G.; Bailey, J.B.; Zhang, L.; Cardone, G.; Suominen, L.; Chami, M.; Stahlberg, H.; Baker, T.S.; Tezcan, A. ACS Cent Sci 4, 1578-1586 (2018).

  26. Cathelicidin promotes inflammation by enabling binding of self-RNA to cell surface scavenger receptors.
    Takahashi, T.; Kulkarni, N.Nitin; Lee, E.Y.; Zhang, L.J.; Wong, G.C.L.; Gallo, R.L. Sci Rep 8, 4032 (2018).

  27. Synthesis and Assembly of Designer Styrenic Diblock Polyelectrolytes
    Ting, J.M.; Wu, H.; Herzog-Arbeitman, A.; Srivastava, S.; Tirrell, M.V. ACS Macro Letters 7, 726-733 (2018).

  28. Cluster Size and Quinary Structure Determine the Rheological Effects of Antibody Self-Association at High Concentrations.
    Wang, W.; Lilyestrom, W.G.; Hu, Z.Yu; Scherer, T.M. J Phys Chem B 122, 2138-2154 (2018).

  29. De Novo Design and Implementation of a Tandem Acyl Carrier Protein Domain in a Type I Modular Polyketide Synthase.
    Wang, Z.; Bagde, S.R.; Zavala, G.; Matsui, T.; Chen, X.; Kim, C.Y. ACS Chem Biol 13, 3072-3077 (2018).

  30. Quadruple H-Bonding Cross-Linked Supramolecular Polymeric Materials as Substrates for Stretchable, Antitearing, and Self-Healable Thin Film Electrodes.
    Yan, X.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Lopez, J.; Wang, H.; Wu, H.C.; Niu, S.; Yan, H.; Wang, S.; Lei, T.; Li, J.; Qi, D.; Huang, P.; Huang, J.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Li, G.; Tok, J.B.H.; Chen, X.; Bao, Z. J Am Chem Soc 140, 5280-5289 (2018).

  31. Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering Provides Protein Structure with Chemical Specificity.
    Ye, D.; Le, T.P.; Kuei, B.; Zhu, C.; Zwart, P.H.; Wang, C.; Gomez, E.D.; Gomez, E.W. Structure 26, 1513-1521.e3 (2018).

  32. Integrative Structural Investigation on the Architecture of Human Importin4_Histone H3/H4_Asf1a Complex and Its Histone H3 Tail Binding.
    Yoon, J.; Kim, S.Joong; An, S.; Cho, S.; Leitner, A.; Jung, T.; Aebersold, R.; Hebert, H.; Cho, U.S.; Song, J.J. J Mol Biol 430, 822-841 (2018).

  33. Nuclear Import Receptor Inhibits Phase Separation of FUS through Binding to Multiple Sites
    Yoshizawa, T.; Ali, R.; Jiou, J.; Fung, H.Y.J.; Burke, K.A.; Kim, S.J.; Lin, Y.; Peeples, W.B.; Saltzberg, D.; Soniat, M.; Baumhardt, J.M.; Oldenbourg, R.; Sali, A.; Fawzi, N.L.; Rosen, M.K.; Chook, Y.M. Cell 173, 693-705.e22 (2018).

  34. Recording and Analyzing Nucleic Acid Distance Distributions with X-Ray Scattering Interferometry (XSI).
    Zettl, T.; Das, R.; Harbury, P.A.B.; Herschlag, D.; Lipfert, J.; Mathew, R.S.; Shi, X. Curr Protoc Nucleic Acid Chem 73, e54 (2018).

  35. Gold nanocrystal labels provide a sequence-to-3D structure map in SAXS reconstructions.
    Zettl, T.; Mathew, R.S.; Shi, X.; Doniach, S.; Herschlag, D.; Harbury, P.A.B.; Lipfert, J. Sci Adv 4, eaar4418 (2018).