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User Publications 2013

  1. Structural insights into omega-class glutathione transferases: a snapshot of enzyme reduction and identification of a non-catalytic ligandin site.
    Brock, J.; Board, P.G.; Oakley, A.J. PLoS One 8, e60324 (2013).

  2. Solvation structures of protons and hydroxide ions in water.
    Chen, C.; Huang, C.; Waluyo, I.; Nordlund, D.; Weng, T.C.; Sokaras, D.; Weiss, T.; Bergmann, U.; Pettersson, L.G.M.; Nilsson, A. J Chem Phys 138, 154506 (2013).

  3. Self-assembling semiconducting polymers--rods and gels from electronic materials.
    Clark, A.P.Z.; Shi, C.; Ng, B.C.; Wilking, J.N.; Ayzner, A.L.; Stieg, A.Z.; Schwartz, B.J.; Mason, T.G.; Rubin, Y.; Tolbert, S.H. ACS Nano 7, 962-77 (2013).

  4. Chemical speciation of neptunium(VI) under strongly alkaline conditions. Structure, composition, and oxo ligand exchange.
    Clark, D.L.; Conradson, S.D.; Donohoe, R.J.; Gordon, P.L.; Keogh, W.; Palmer, P.D.; Scott, B.L.; Tait, D. Inorg Chem 52, 3547-55 (2013).

  5. Syntaxin1a variants lacking an N-peptide or bearing the LE mutation bind to Munc18a in a closed conformation.
    Colbert, K.N.; Hattendorf, D.A.; Weiss, T.M.; Burkhardt, P.; Fasshauer, D.; Weis, W.I. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110, 12637-42 (2013).

  6. Isolate-specific differences in the conformational dynamics and antigenicity of HIV-1 gp120.
    Davenport, T.M.; Guttman, M.; Guo, W.; Cleveland, B.; Kahn, M.; Hu, S.L.; Lee, K.K. J Virol 87, 10855-73 (2013).

  7. Neurofilament sidearms modulate parallel and crossed-filament orientations inducing nematic to isotropic and re-entrant birefringent hydrogels.
    Deek, J.; Chung, P.J.; Kayser, J.; Bausch, A.R.; Safinya, C.R. Nat Commun 4, 2224 (2013).

  8. Virus assembly and maturation: auto-regulation through allosteric molecular switches.
    Domitrovic, T.; Movahed, N.; Bothner, B.; Matsui, T.; Wang, Q.; Doerschuk, P.C.; Johnson, J.E. J Mol Biol 425, 1488-96 (2013).

  9. Molecular model of a soluble guanylyl cyclase fragment determined by small-angle X-ray scattering and chemical cross-linking.
    Fritz, B.G.; Roberts, S.A.; Ahmed, A.; Breci, L.; Li, W.; Weichsel, A.; Brailey, J.L.; Wysocki, V.H.; Tama, F.; Montfort, W.R. Biochemistry 52, 1568-82 (2013).

  10. The structure of yeast glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase and modeling of its interaction with tRNA.
    Grant, T.D.; Luft, J.R.; Wolfley, J.R.; Snell, M.E.; Tsuruta, H.; Corretore, S.; Quartley, E.; Phizicky, E.M.; Grayhack, E.J.; Snell, E.H. J Mol Biol 425, 2480-93 (2013).

  11. All-atom ensemble modeling to analyze small-angle x-ray scattering of glycosylated proteins.
    Guttman, M.; Weinkam, P.; Sali, A.; Lee, K.K. Structure 21, 321-31 (2013).

  12. A functional interaction between gp41 and gp120 is observed for monomeric but not oligomeric, uncleaved HIV-1 Env gp140.
    Guttman, M.; Lee, K.K. J Virol 87, 11462-75 (2013).

  13. αE-catenin actin-binding domain alters actin filament conformation and regulates binding of nucleation and disassembly factors.
    Hansen, S.D.; Kwiatkowski, A.V.; Ouyang, C.Y.; Liu, H.; Pokutta, S.; Watkins, S.C.; Volkmann, N.; Hanein, D.; Weis, W.I.; Mullins, D.; Nelson, J. Mol Biol Cell 24, 3710-20 (2013).

  14. Structure of the arginine methyltransferase PRMT5-MEP50 reveals a mechanism for substrate specificity.
    Ho, M.C.; Wilczek, C.; Bonanno, J.B.; Xing, L.; Seznec, J.; Matsui, T.; Carter, L.G.; Onikubo, T.; Kumar, R.; Chan, M.K.; Brenowitz, M.; Cheng, H.; Reimer, U.; Almo, S.C.; Shechter, D. PLoS One 8, e57008 (2013).

  15. A critical evaluation of random copolymer mimesis of homogeneous antimicrobial peptides.
    Hu, K.; Schmidt, N.W.; Zhu, R.; Jiang, Y.; Lai, G.Hwee; Wei, G.; Palermo, E.F.; Kuroda, K.; Wong, G.C.L.; Yang, L. Macromolecules 46, 1908-1915 (2013).

  16. Asymmetric recognition of the HIV-1 trimer by broadly neutralizing antibody PG9.
    Julien, J.P.; Lee, J.Hyun; Cupo, A.; Murin, C.D.; Derking, R.; Hoffenberg, S.; Caulfield, M.J.; King, R.; Marozsan, A.J.; Klasse, P.Johan; Sanders, R.W.; Moore, J.P.; Wilson, I.A.; Ward, A.B. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110, 4351-6 (2013).

  17. A common structure for the potexviruses.
    Kendall, A.; Bian, W.; Maris, A.; Azzo, C.; Groom, J.; Williams, D.; Shi, J.; Stewart, P.L.; Wall, J.S.; Stubbs, G. Virology 436, 173-8 (2013).

  18. Barley stripe mosaic virus: structure and relationship to the tobamoviruses.
    Kendall, A.; Williams, D.; Bian, W.; Stewart, P.L.; Stubbs, G. Virology 443, 265-70 (2013).

  19. Stacking of Short DNA Induces the Gyroid Cubic-to-Inverted Hexagonal Phase Transition in Lipid-DNA Complexes.
    Leal, C.; Ewert, K.K.; Bouxsein, N.F.; Shirazi, R.S.; Li, Y.; Safinya, C.R. Soft Matter 9, 795-804 (2013).

  20. Hexamers of the type II secretion ATPase GspE from Vibrio cholerae with increased ATPase activity.
    Lu, C.; Turley, S.; Marionni, S.T.; Park, Y.J.; Lee, K.K.; Patrick, M.; Shah, R.; Sandkvist, M.; Bush, M.F.; Hol, W.G.J. Structure 21, 1707-17 (2013).

  21. Structural study of hNck2 SH3 domain protein in solution by circular dichroism and X-ray solution scattering.
    Matsumura, Y.; Shinjo, M.; Matsui, T.; Ichimura, K.; Song, J.; Kihara, H. Biophys Chem 175-176, 39-46 (2013).

  22. Danio rerio αE-catenin is a monomeric F-actin binding protein with distinct properties from Mus musculus αE-catenin.
    Miller, P.W.; Pokutta, S.; Ghosh, A.; Almo, S.C.; Weis, W.I.; Nelson, J.; Kwiatkowski, A.V. J Biol Chem 288, 22324-32 (2013).

  23. Ion specific effects in bundling and depolymerization of taxol-stabilized microtubules.
    Needleman, D.J.; Ojeda-Lopez, M.A.; Raviv, U.; Miller, H.P.; Li, Y.; Song, C.; Feinstein, S.C.; Wilson, L.; Choi, M.Chul; Safinya, C.R. Faraday Discuss 166, 31-45 (2013).

  24. Conformational analysis of StrH, the surface-attached exo-β-D-N-acetylglucosaminidase from Streptococcus pneumoniae.
    Pluvinage, B.; Chitayat, S.; Ficko-Blean, E.; Abbott, W.; Kunjachen, J.Maroor; Grondin, J.; Spencer, H.L.; Smith, S.P.; Boraston, A.B. J Mol Biol 425, 334-49 (2013).

  25. Structure, dynamics, evolution, and function of a major scaffold component in the nuclear pore complex.
    Sampathkumar, P.; Kim, S.Joong; Upla, P.; Rice, W.J.; Phillips, J.; Timney, B.L.; Pieper, U.; Bonanno, J.B.; Fernandez-Martinez, J.; Hakhverdyan, Z.; Ketaren, N.E.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Stokes, D.L.; Sauder, M.; Burley, S.K.; Sali, A.; Rout, M.P.; Almo, S.C. Structure 21, 560-71 (2013).

  26. Influenza virus A M2 protein generates negative Gaussian membrane curvature necessary for budding and scission.
    Schmidt, N.W.; Mishra, A.; Wang, J.; Degrado, W.F.; Wong, G.C.L. J Am Chem Soc 135, 13710-9 (2013).

  27. Structural ensemble and microscopic elasticity of freely diffusing DNA by direct measurement of fluctuations.
    Shi, X.; Herschlag, D.; Harbury, P.A.B. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110, E1444-51 (2013).

  28. Purification and SAXS analysis of the integrin linked kinase, PINCH, parvin (IPP) heterotrimeric complex.
    Stiegler, A.L.; Grant, T.D.; Luft, J.R.; Calderwood, D.A.; Snell, E.H.; Boggon, T.J. PLoS One 8, e55591 (2013).

  29. Nucleotide and partner-protein control of bacterial replicative helicase structure and function.
    Strycharska, M.S.; Arias-Palomo, E.; Lyubimov, A.Y.; Erzberger, J.P.; O'Shea, V.L.; Bustamante, C.J.; Berger, J.M. Mol Cell 52, 844-54 (2013).

  30. Structure of the Streptococcus pneumoniae surface protein and adhesin PfbA.
    Suits, M.D.; Boraston, A.B. PLoS One 8, e67190 (2013).

  31. Heterogeneous seeding of a prion structure by a generic amyloid form of the fungal prion-forming domain HET-s(218-289).
    Wan, W.; Bian, W.; McDonald, M.; Kijac, A.; Wemmer, D.E.; Stubbs, G. J Biol Chem 288, 29604-12 (2013).

  32. Scalable and selective dispersion of semiconducting arc-discharged carbon nanotubes by dithiafulvalene/thiophene copolymers for thin film transistors.
    Wang, H.; Mei, J.; Liu, P.; Schmidt, K.; Jiménez-Osés, G.; Osuna, S.; Fang, L.; Tassone, C.J.; Zoombelt, A.Pieter; Sokolov, A.N.; Houk, K.N.; Toney, M.F.; Bao, Z. ACS Nano 7, 2659-68 (2013).

  33. Dynamics in cryo EM reconstructions visualized with maximum-likelihood derived variance maps.
    Wang, Q.; Matsui, T.; Domitrovic, T.; Zheng, Y.; Doerschuk, P.C.; Johnson, J.E. J Struct Biol 181, 195-206 (2013).

  34. Structural basis for enhanced HIV-1 neutralization by a dimeric immunoglobulin G form of the glycan-recognizing antibody 2G12.
    Wu, Y.; West, A.P.; Kim, H.J.; Thornton, M.E.; Ward, A.B.; Bjorkman, P.J. Cell Rep 5, 1443-55 (2013).