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User Publications 2019

  1. CMT disease severity correlates with mutation-induced open conformation of histidyl-tRNA synthetase, not aminoacylation loss, in patient cells.
    Blocquel, D.; Sun, L.; Matuszek, Z.; Li, S.; Weber, T.; Kuhle, B.; Kooi, G.; Wei, N.; Baets, J.; Pan, T.; Schimmel, P.; Yang, X.L. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 116, 19440-19448 (2019).

  2. 3D Columnar Phase of Stacked Short DNA Organized by Coherent Membrane Undulations.
    Bouxsein, N.F.; Leal, C.; McAllister, C.S.; Li, Y.; Ewert, K.K.; Samuel, C.E.; Safinya, C.R. Langmuir 35, 11891-11901 (2019).

  3. An ensemble of flexible conformations underlies mechanotransduction by the cadherin-catenin adhesion complex.
    Bush, M.; Alhanshali, B.M.; Qian, S.; Stanley, C.B.; Heller, W.T.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Nicholl, I.D.; Walz, T.; Callaway, D.J.E.; Bu, Z. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 116, 21545-21555 (2019).

  4. Structure of the full-length Clostridium difficile toxin B.
    Chen, P.; Lam, K.H.; Liu, Z.; Mindlin, F.A.; Chen, B.; Gutierrez, C.B.; Huang, L.; Zhang, Y.; Hamza, T.; Feng, H.; Matsui, T.; Bowen, M.E.; Perry, K.; Jin, R. Nat Struct Mol Biol 26, 712-719 (2019).

  5. α-Synuclein Sterically Stabilizes Spherical Nanoparticle-Supported Lipid Bilayers
    Chung, P.J.; Zhang, Q.; Hwang, H.L.; Leong, A.; Maj, P.; Szczygiel, R.; Dufresne, E.M.; Narayanan, S.; Adams, E.J.; Lee, K.Y.C. ACS Appl Bio Mater 2, 1413-1419 (2019).

  6. STING Polymer Structure Reveals Mechanisms for Activation, Hyperactivation, and Inhibition.
    Ergun, S.L.; Fernandez, D.; Weiss, T.M.; Li, L. Cell 178, 290-301.e10 (2019).

  7. CXCL4 assembles DNA into liquid crystalline complexes to amplify TLR9-mediated interferon-α production in systemic sclerosis.
    Lande, R.; Lee, E.Y.; Palazzo, R.; Marinari, B.; Pietraforte, I.; Santos, G.Santiago; Mattenberger, Y.; Spadaro, F.; Stefanantoni, K.; Iannace, N.; Dufour, A.Maria; Falchi, M.; Bianco, M.; Botti, E.; Bianchi, L.; Alvarez, M.; Riccieri, V.; Truchetet, M.E.; Wong, G.C.L.; Chizzolini, C.; Frasca, L. Nat Commun 10, 1731 (2019).

  8. Helical antimicrobial peptides assemble into protofibril scaffolds that present ordered dsDNA to TLR9.
    Lee, E.Y.; Zhang, C.; Di Domizio, J.; Jin, F.; Connell, W.; Hung, M.; Malkoff, N.; Veksler, V.; Gilliet, M.; Ren, P.; Wong, G.C.L. Nat Commun 10, 1012 (2019).

  9. Conformational communication mediates the reset step in t6A biosynthesis.
    Luthra, A.; Paranagama, N.; Swinehart, W.; Bayooz, S.; Phan, P.; Quach, V.; Schiffer, J.M.; Stec, B.; Iwata-Reuyl, D.; Swairjo, M.A. Nucleic Acids Res 47, 6551-6567 (2019).

  10. Decoupling of mechanical properties and ionic conductivity in supramolecular lithium ion conductors
    Mackanic, D.G.; Yan, X.; Zhang, Q.; Matsuhisa, N.; Yu, Z.; Jiang, Y.; Manika, T.; Lopez, J.; Yan, H.; Liu, K.; Chen, X.; Cui, Y.; Bao, Z. Nat Commun 10, 5384 (2019).

  11. Importin-9 wraps around the H2A-H2B core to act as nuclear importer and histone chaperone.
    Padavannil, A.; Sarkar, P.; Kim, S.Joong; Cagatay, T.; Jiou, J.; Brautigam, C.A.; Tomchick, D.R.; Sali, A.; D'Arcy, S.; Chook, Y.Min Elife 8, (2019).

  12. Challenge and Solution of Characterizing Glass Transition Temperature for Conjugated Polymers by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
    Qian, Z.; Galuska, L.; McNutt, W.W.; Ocheje, M.U.; He, Y.; Cao, Z.; Zhang, S.; Xu, J.; Hong, K.; Goodman, R.B.; Rondeau-Gagne, S.; Mei, J.; Gu, X. J. Polym. Sci. B 57, 1635 (2019).

  13. Minireview - Microtubules and Tubulin Oligomers: Shape Transitions and Assembly by Intrinsically Disordered Protein Tau and Cationic Biomolecules.
    Safinya, C.R.; Chung, P.J.; Song, C.; Li, Y.; Miller, H.P.; Choi, M.Chul; Raviv, U.; Ewert, K.K.; Wilson, L.; Feinstein, S.C. Langmuir , (2019).

  14. Interaction of dequalinium chloride with phosphatidylcholine bilayers: A biophysical study with consequences on the development of lipid-based mitochondrial nanomedicines.
    Sauvage, F.; Legrand, F.X.; Roux, M.; Rajkovic, I.; Weiss, T.M.; Varga, Z.; Augis, L.; Nugue, G.; Debouzy, J.C.; Vergnaud-Gauduchon, J.; Barratt, G. J Colloid Interface Sci 537, 704-715 (2019).

  15. Disassembly of an Interconjugated Polyelectrolyte Complex Using Ionic Surfactants
    Segura, C.J.; Lucero, M.; Ayzner, A.L. ACS Appl Polym Mater 1, 1034-1044 (2019).

  16. Influence of micelle charge density on adsorption and exciton delocalization of conjugated polyelectrolytes
    Segura, C.J.; Johnston, A.R.; Hollingsworth, W.R.; Rajkovic, I.; Ayzner, A.L. Proc. SPIE 11084, Physical Chemistry of Semiconductor Materials and Interfaces XVIII , 110840A (2019).

  17. A Central Region of NF-κB Essential Modulator Is Required for IKKβ-Induced Conformational Change and for Signal Propagation.
    Shaffer, R.; DeMaria, A.M.; Kagermazova, L.; Liu, Y.; Babaei, M.; Caban-Penix, S.; Cervantes, A.; Jehle, S.; Makowski, L.; Gilmore, T.D.; Whitty, A.; Allen, K.N. Biochemistry 58, 2906-2920 (2019).

  18. Externalized histone H4 orchestrates chronic inflammation by inducing lytic cell death.
    Silvestre-Roig, C.; Braster, Q.; Wichapong, K.; Lee, E.Y.; Teulon, J.Marie; Berrebeh, N.; Winter, J.; Adrover, J.M.; Santos, G.Santiago; Froese, A.; Lemnitzer, P.; Ortega-Gómez, A.; Chevre, R.; Marschner, J.; Schumski, A.; Winter, C.; Perez-Olivares, L.; Pan, C.; Paulin, N.; Schoufour, T.; Hartwig, H.; González-Ramos, S.; Kamp, F.; Megens, R.T.A.; Mowen, K.A.; Gunzer, M.; Maegdefessel, L.; Hackeng, T.; Lutgens, E.; Daemen, M.; von Blume, J.; Anders, H.J.; Nikolaev, V.O.; Pellequer, J.L.; Weber, C.; Hidalgo, A.; Nicolaes, G.A.F.; Wong, G.C.L.; Soehnlein, O. Nature 569, 236-240 (2019).

  19. Binding partner- and force-promoted changes in αE-catenin conformation probed by native cysteine labeling
    Terekhova, K.; Pokutta, S.; Kee, Y.S.; Li, J.; Tajkhorshid, E.; Fuller, G.; Dunn, A.R.; Weis, W.I. Scientific Reports 9, 2045-2322 (2019).

  20. Structures of neurexophilin-neurexin complexes reveal a regulatory mechanism of alternative splicing.
    Wilson, S.C.; White, I.; Zhou, Q.; Pfuetzner, R.A.; Choi, U.B.; Südhof, T.C.; Brunger, A.T. EMBO J , e101603 (2019).

  21. Interparticle Interactions in Dilute Solutions of Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles
    Wu, H.; Ting, J.M.; Weiss, T.M.; Tirrell, M.V. ACS Macro Lett 8, 819-825 (2019).

  22. Quaternary structure of α-amino-β-carboxymuconate-ϵ-semialdehyde decarboxylase (ACMSD) controls its activity.
    Yang, Y.; Davis, I.; Matsui, T.; Rubalcava, I.; Liu, A. J Biol Chem 294, 11609-11621 (2019).

  23. Disassociation and Reformation Under Strain in Polymer with Dynamic Metal–Ligand Coordination Cross-Linking
    Zhang, Q.; Zhu, X.; Li, C.H.; Cai, Y.; Jia, X.; Bao, Z. Macromolecules 52, 660-668 (2019).