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Capillary Cassette

The Capillary Cassette and associated mounting base is a standardized mounting system for regular thin walled X-ray capillaries. It consists of a mounting base fixed at the beam line and an easy to exchange cassette holder for the capillaries. These cassettes can hold up to 24 capillaries at once (different nominal sizes between 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm can be accommodated). The capillaries are securely mounted in the cassette to allow safe transport and shipment of premounted capillaries inside the holder. Specifically designed protection plates can be afixed to the cassette to protect the capillaries inside during transport. The mounting system is designed to work together with the SAXS tab in BluIce. Capillaries can be obtained from following companies: Hampton Research, Charles Supper Company or Hilgenberg GmbH

The capillary cassette consist of three parts that lock into each other (see left picture below): 1) and inner capillary holder where the capillaries are mounted; and a top(2) and bottom(3) slider that slide into each other to secure the holder inside (right picture).


On the top slider a marked area of 1'' x 3'' is previewed to have a label (containing information on the samples inside) afixed to the cassette.