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BL4-2 Detectors

There are three different X-ray area detectors available for data collection at BL4-2:
  type area [mm2] resolution [px] pixel size [µm] frame rate [Hz] dynamic range
Pilatus3 X 1M
single photon counting 168.7 x 179.4 981 x 1043 172 500 20 bit
CCD 225 x 225 3072 x 3072
2048 x 2048
1536 x 1536
768 x 768
73  (2x2 bin)
110 (3x3 bin)
146 (4x4 bin)
292 (8x8 bin)
<1 16 bit
Pilatus 300k
single photon counting 83.8 x 106.5 487 x 689 172 200 20 bit
Eiger2 X 1M
(in commissioning)
single photon counting 77.1 x 79.7 1028 x 1062 75 2000 32 bit
- Dectris Pilatus3 X 1M Pixel Array detector: This is a single photon counting detector specially designed for synchrotron use. The x-ray sensor is a 450 µm thick reverse-biased silicon diode array. The noise-free images with the large 20 bit dynamic range obtained by this detector enable reliable SAXS data analysis even for the dilute samples.  It has 981 x 1043 square pixels in a sensitive area of 168.7 mm x 179.4 mm, providing large area for capturing wide angular range of the scattered x-rays. It is integrated into Blu-Ice/DCS control software and can collect data with a frame rate of up to 500 Hz. This is the main detector used for most of the experiments.

Pilatus3 X 1M (left) and Rayonix MX225-HE (right) at the beamline
Pilatus3 X 1M (left) and Rayonix MX225-HE (right)

- Rayonix MX225-HE CCD Detector: This is a gapless fiber-optics coupled  CCD detector consisting of 3 x 3 tiled array of back-illuminated CCD modules, with 225 mm x 225mm square active area, tiled without gaps in the imaging area and variable pixel size. It is optimized for high photon detection efficiency and equipped with a baseline stabilization in order to reduce fluctuations in the background level. It is used whenever gapless data frames are essential (e.g. for fiber diffraction) but can also be used for standard solution scattering instead of Pilatus3 X 1M. Maximum available resolution is 3072 x 3072 pixels in 2x2 binning mode with the 73 µm pixel size and can be run in 3x3, 4x4 and 8x8 binning modes for a faster readout and increased signal to noise. The detector can also be used as an alternative to the Pilatus3 X 1M for solution scattering as well as fixed target SAXS applications.
- Dectris Pilatus 300k Pixel Array detector: This is a small first generation  Pilatus detector. It has 487 x 689 pixels in an 83.8 mm x 106.5 mm active area and can record images with the repetition rate of up to 200 Hz. It provides noise-free operation and large 20bit dynamic range. In case of technical issues with the Pilatus3 X 1M detector it can be used as an alternative detector for time-resolved experiments to guarantee continued operation.

Pilatus 300k
Pilatus 300k

- Dectris Eiger2 X 1M: This detector is currently in commissioning. It is a single photon counting detector and, like Pilatus3 X, is specially designed for synchrotron use. Fast acquisition rate of up to 2KHz makes it a great choice for time-resolved experiments. It has 1028x1062 pixels with 75 µm pixel size resulting in a 77.1 mm x 79.7 mm detector area.

Eiger2 X 1M
Eiger2 X 1M