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BL4-2 Software Overview

There are several computer programs for data acquisition, analysis and visualization available to the users at the BL4-2 beamline. Several of these programs have been developed and are maintained by the BioSAXS group at SSRL. They are mostly integrated into the general data aquisition system at the Beamline 4-2. As open source software the source code for these programs is available upon request (please contact the BL4-2 staff). Several other programs that are available at the beamline for data analysis and visualization that have been developed elsewhere.  The following tables give and overview of the available software:

In-house software:

Name Source brief description
Blu-Ice SMB/SSRL GUI for beamline control
SasTool BL4-2/SSRL convert 2d tiff image data to 1d intensity vs. q (azimuthal integration)
SAXSPipe BL4-2/SSRL automated SAXS data processing and analysis pipeline
SECPipe BL4-2/SSRL automated SEC-SAXS data processing and analysis pipeline
TRPipe BL4-2/SSRL time-resolved data processing
Graph-it BL4-2/SSRL data graphing and analysis
bl42-dat BL4-2/SSRL GUI for basic SAXS analysis

External sources:

Name Source brief description
ATSAS EMBL program suite for small-angle scattering data analysis from biological macromolecules
RAW BioXTAS program for analysis of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) data
pymol Schrodinger, LLC molecular visualization system
chimera UCSF Interactive visualization and analysis of molecular structures
fit2D ESRF 2D data processing package