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Temperature Cells

There are two temperature controlled sample holders for experiments with samples in capillaries. One is dedicate to fluid samples (Flow cell) while the other can be used with any type of samples preloaded in capillaries.

1) Flow cell
The main part of the temperature controlled flow-cell is the horizontally positioned capillary inside the aluminum block. The capillary has tube connection for sample loading and cleaning. All samples are measured at the same position of the capillary to provide better data for buffer subtraction. Capillary can also be connected to a syringe dispenser for more precise sample loading and automatic cleaning.
Peltier modules with water coolers are positioned both above and bellow the sample block. These modules are controlled by a home-made GUI program. An AD590 temperature sensor is placed inside the aluminum sample block to monitor the sample temperature. The stardard operational temperature of this sample holder is 0°C to 100°C. If necessary, the range can be extended to -10°C by re-calibrating the controller. Please inform staff in advance if you need extended range.

flow cell
Flow cell

2) Multi-capillary holder
This holder can accomodate up to 20 capillaries at one time. The inner aluminum part which holds the capillaries can be taken out of the holder for easy refilling. Two Peltier modules positioned underneath the aluminum holder can provide the temperature range of 0°C to 100°C. WIndows on the holder are covered with 5 micometer thick mylar film to provide temperature stability of the samples while minimizing the parasitic X-ray scattering.
Temperature is controlled by a home-mode GUI program. AD590 temperature sensor attached to the aluminim holder is providing the temperature information to the controller.


multicapillary holder
Multi-capillary holder