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SAXSPipe Overview

Our high-throughput SAXS Autosampler can can collect 96 samples autonomously over a five hour period. To address the large volume of data this generates we have developed SAXSPipe, an automated SAXS data processing and analysis pipeline. SAXSPipe requires no user intervention and produces a web viewable table of graphs and statistics that allow the user to rapidly and easily review the results of the SAXS experiments all the way through from basic data quality checks to protein flexibility analysis, oligomer state determination and protein density modeling procedures. The results of the analysis are stored in an automatic analysis folder that the user can take home and consult later.
Additionally, SAXSPipe can be run from a command line, giving a possibility to re-analyze data after the experiment.
The pipeline is written in Python2 and uses analysis software from the ATSAS package by Dimitri Svergun’s group at Hamburg and our in-house image scaling and integration software SasTool. The software has been designed to be modular and easily adaptable, allowing the easy addition of new software tools as they arise. SAXSPipe is now regularly used during biological SAXS experiments to help users analyze their data.