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Sastool Results

When SasTool is run, it prints out messges in the consol, generates a log file, and some .dat, .tot, and .sub files.

How to Interpret the Printouts in the Consol 
SasTool prints out some messages on the screen while it runs. First, it prints out the parameters that are being set, files being processed, then the errors for each frame, and whether the frame was rejected from the inclusion in the summation of the series.

What is in the Log File
The log file is basically a recording of the printouts of the screen.

What is in .dat, .tot, and .sub Files
There are three columns in those files. The first column is either the distance in pixels from the beam center or the q value, depending on the assignment to the -q parameter. The second column is the intensity, and the third column is the error. The error is the smaller of the standard deviation and the square root of the intensity.