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Sastool: Getting Started

Where To Get It
The SasTool can be download from here.  There are two versions of SasTool, one for the Windows operation system, and the other for the Linux operation system.  The following instructions are for the Windows version.  It is similar to run the Linux version.

How to Run It
The user needs a parameters file to run SasTool.exe. The parameters file is a text file that contains parameters regarding which image files to analyse and how to analyse. You can get a sample parameters file here. For demonstration purposes, in the following examples, assume the parameters file is called params.txt.

To run SasTool.exe, type "SasTool.exe params.txt" at a DOS prompt if both SasTool.exe and params.txt are in the current directory. Otherwise, you will have to either navigate to the directory they are in, or specify the directory in the command line.