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bl42-dat Documentation

Program bl42-dat is the graphical inteface to the most common data processing tasks during the experiments.
It consists of 5 tabs:
- q calibration: silver behanate scattering is used to find the beam center and to calibrate the q-spacing of the data. This can be done automatically in most cases and there is also a possibility to manually change fitting parameters.

bl42-dat 1

- mask: this tab is used for creating an integration mask. It can load/save both the fit2d msk format and tif files used by SasTool.

bl42-dat 2

- 2D->1D: this is the tab for azimuthal integration using SasTool. It can be done with or without buffer subtraction, and can also be done for a multiple sample files in a range. There is also a possibility to run saxspipe pipeline.

bl42-dat 3

- SECSAXS: processing and plotting data from SECSAXS experiment is performed in this tab. It can run SECPipe pipeline to analyze 2D images or load already evaluated data and show Rg, I0, Iqmin and UV plots, with or without normalization. There is a possibility to change the x-offset between SAXS and UV data since there is a time delay between these two measurements.

bl42-dat 4

- integ.mpp: a text editor for the integ.mpp file used by SasTool.bl42-dat 5