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A variety of software tools are available at the beamline for the user. They are utilized to control the instrument during the experiment, treat and analyze the data. 

  • Blu-Ice is the control software and user interface for the beamline. Developed by the SMB-MC group we have heavily customized the original code to accommodate the different needs in the experimental situation.
  • SasTool is used for data reduction, background subtraction and scaling. It is integral part of the software pipelines (SAXSPipe, SECPipe) at the beamline but can also be used directly in a command line mode by the user. It can be downloaded for free (currently we have a windows and linux version available).
  • SAXSPipe
  • SECPipe
  • Graph-It is a data display program to conveniently browse through large sets of x-y data. It contains several tools for data processing, manipulation and analysis often needed in the SAXS data handling.
  • bl42-dat