Beyond 3-D X-ray Imaging: Methodology Development and Applications in Material Science

Thursday, September 6, 2012 - 10:45am

Yijin Liu Seminar

There was a revolutionary development of X-ray imaging over the past few decades. The most substantial advancements in this field are closely related to the availability of the new generation of X-ray sources and the advanced X-ray optics. The advanced X-ray Optics along with novel methodology has made it possible to extract information that is related to different interactions between the X-rays and the specimen at very fine spatial resolution. The energy tunability of the X-rays has made it possible to combine the energy scan with imaging technique. And the brilliance of the X-ray source has made it practical for many sophisticated experiments. All these new features add significant information to the 3D structure of the sample which is available through conventional imaging technique.

Several methodology developments, related to grating interferometer based phase contrast imaging system and full-field transmission hard/soft X-ray microscopy, will be discussed. And a few applications in material science, including magnetic material study and negative thermal expansion material investigation, will also be presented.

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