SLAC Access Update

Visit the SUSB VUE Center for badging. Before traveling to SLAC, please review and complete these access procedures.

SLAC COVID-19 Updatelink is external)

1. Register through the user portal to provide or update contact information; also confirm your proximity access/expiration through the user portal.

2. Alert us of all experimenters who will participate in scheduled experiments by listing everyone on proposals & beam time/support requests. Contact URA to add additional members to your research team. Ensure that you have correctly listed all user institutions. If a user agreement is not executed in advance, users will not be able to visit or participate in user experiments at SLAC.

3. Alert colleagues about access requirements. Each run year (October-September), foreign national users MUST PROVIDE original identification documents to verify citizenship and confirm that they have an appropriate visa before entering the US (for business purposes and not for tourism). Advance approval is required for foreign nationals from Cuba, Iran, North Korea or Syria.

The Department of Energy (DOE) requires all foreign nationals (non-U.S. citizens) looking to conduct work on-site at SLAC to provide their curriculum vitae (CV). The CV must chronologically list all academic institutions and work positions, including science and technology activities and specialties, with no gaps in time since college (Associates/Bachelors or equivalent). Please also indicate immigration status and be prepared to provide CV and all required immigration  documents (green card, passport, etc.) upon arrival at SLAC.

4. Complete all training before arrival and bring a copy of the training certificates.

5. Review updated SSRL and LCLS user access procedures.

6.  Prepare for SLAC Arrival, Badging and COVID Testing.

  • Upon arrival at SLAC, inform SLAC Security at the Main Gate that you are a user here for a scheduled experiment. They will confirm that your name is on the SLAC Site Access list.
  • On your first visit EACH RUN YEAR (October-September) go the to VUE Center to obtain or renew your SLAC ID badge and/or proximity access. Link to maps and directions
  • Proceed to the visitor parking area in front of the SUSB Bldg. 53, which is directly adjacent to the SLAC main gate.
  • Go inside Bldg. 53 to the VUE Center/Badging Office where SLAC Security will verify your training, user agreement, government issued photo ID and proof of vaccination (vaccination card or QR code).
  • If you plan to be onsite more than 3 days -- once you have your SLAC ID card, take this to the Bldg. 53 lobby, scan your badge and pick up 1-2 COVID-19 test kits. Follow the instructions in the kit to create your COLOR account, activate your test kit, collect your sample, then return sample in sealed plastic bag to the collection box just outside of the Bldg. 53 lobby. As the pandemic evolves, SLAC ES&H will continue to monitor conditions and provide updates on training, testing and other requirements. Currently for vaccinated US based SSRL users:
    • Visits 72 hours or less, no COVID-19 testing is required.
    • Visits >72 hours, PCR COVID-19 test required after arrival at SLAC (3-5 days), and every week thereafter while working onsite at SLAC.
  • Check your proximity access/expiration through the user portal. Although user ID badges list the date of safety training expiration on the front, user proximity ID card access is generally limited to the current run cycle (e.g., valid through September 30th).  User proximity ID cards or proximity access will also deactivate earlier based on training or passport/visa expiration.
  • Your ID badge must be visible at all times during your visit.
  • Activated proximity access is required for entry through SLAC's automated gates.
  • The experimental areas at SSRL and LCLS are Controlled Areas which means that GERT training is required, but dosimeters are generally not required (except in limited situations). If you will be working with radioactive materials or have been informed by the Sample Prep Lab Manager of Safety Officer that a dosimeter or Radiation Worker training is needed, make arrangements to complete Rad Worker Training (both course and practical training) before arrival. Upon completion of RWT training, obtain a dosimeter from the VUE Center.

7.      Contact the URA team to answer questions or provide assistance.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the SLAC VUE Center

What if I already checked in for the current user run, have a valid badge, proximity access, a valid user agreement, and all my required training is up to date? Do I still need to go to the VUE Center to be checked in, or can I go straight to the User Facility?

If your staus, user agreement and training are up to date and you have a valid SLAC ID badge with proximity access, then you should be able to swipe and go.

Be aware that most user ID badges/proximity access expire at the end of the last run year which coincides with the end of the reporting and fiscal year (September 30th), so if you have an experiment planned October to September, on your first visit during the current run year, bring your valid government-issued photo ID and check in at the VUE Center to obtain or renew your SLAC ID badge and proximity access. Afterwards, with your valid badge, you’re good to go for the remainder of this run cycle.  You can either enter SLAC in the “SLAC ID” lane at the Sand Hill Road Main Gate, or swipe your badge if you’re coming through the Alpine Gate, and proceed to your destination. If you don’t have an active badge, please use the Main Gate as you will not be able to access Alpine Gate.

For non-U.S. citizens, bring original passport, visa, or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR/Green Card) documents and CV to be verified.

Once your documents have been verified, and providing all is OK, you’ll be rebadged and on your way.  Important:  Failure to bring your valid documents could result in delays.

How do I check my status, if my training has expired, or if the user agreement with my institution is valid?

To avoid headaches or delays, before traveling to SLAC, log into the User Portal and check if your status, training, and user agreement are valid.

What if I arrive and I’ve forgotten to complete my training and my badge has expired?

If you need to take online training, we recommend you do it before you get here so you can maximize your time at the facility. However, in the event that you can’t, then please enter SLAC through the Main Gate (as your badge won’t let you access Alpine Gate) and come to the VUE Center. Online training can be taken in the SLAC training room.

If you also need practical training to ensure appropriate access to certain areas, then VUE Center staff may be able to help arrange that for you. In that case, you’ll be able to get a new badge with temporary, restricted access, and then once you’ve taken your practical training, Security can activate the appropriate access and, if appropriate, issue a new badge that reflects the new training status.

What happens if I get to SLAC late at night or on the weekends?

If your training is up to date and you have a valid badge with proximity access, then you should be able to swipe and go.

If this is your first visit or first time this run year, or if your badge or proximity card has expired, then you will need to check in with Security who will check the site access list. The list is linked to registered users affiliated with scheduled proposals in the SSRL and LCLS User Portal. If you’re a US citizen with original photo identification who is registered, on the list, and associated with a scheduled proposal, then you’ll be given a temporary badge to let you through. Then you’ll need to visit the VUE Center on the next business day to complete your check-in and get your proper badge to avoid any access issues again.  Foreign nationals must arrive at the VUE Center for check-in during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 7 am-4 pm) (and bring their CV and original passport/visa documents). Evening and weekend check-in for foreign nationals is not available.

If you haven’t registered in the User Portal and therefore aren’t on the User Site Access List, at this time we won’t be able to grant you access. However, if you are registered at the Stanford Guest House, then you will be able to proceed to the hotel.  You will need to go to the VUE Center on the next business day.  The best way to avoid this situation is to register with your facility as soon as you know you’ll be conducting work at SLAC, so the User Facility can process your registration in time.

My badge expires soon; where should I go now?

To the VUE Center, after you’ve taken your necessary training. Please bring your old badge with you.

I have a colleague arriving as a user for beam time at a User Facility (SSRL, LCLS, etc.). What do I do?

Instruct your colleague to register on the user portal (or update their profile). List EVERYONE who will participate in your experimenton your beam time support request (this will alert the user facility, Security and the VUE Center to anticipate and prepare for their arrival). If you have questions or need assistance, contact the User Office.

How can you provide feedback?

You can provide feedback or suggestions in person at the VUE Center or by via email at Please direct questions to Simon Ovrahim or Cathy Knotts.

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