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Staff Publications 2017

  1. Controllable Activation of Nanoscale Dynamics in a Disordered Protein Alters Binding Kinetics.
    Callaway, D.J.E.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.; Stingaciu, L.R.; Stanley, C.B.; Heller, W.T.; Bu, Z. J Mol Biol 429, 987-998 (2017).

  2. Phospho-Priming Confers Functionally Relevant Specificities for Rad53 Kinase Autophosphorylation.
    Chen, E.ShengWen; Weng, J.H.; Chen, Y.H.; Wang, S.C.; Liu, X.X.; Huang, W.C.; Matsui, T.; Kawano, Y.; Liao, J.H.; Lim, L.H.; Bessho, Y.; Huang, K.F.; Wu, W.J.; Tsai, M.D. Biochemistry 56, 5112-5124 (2017).

  3. Environmental Calcium Controls Alternate Physical States of the Caulobacter Surface Layer.
    Herrmann, J.; Jabbarpour, F.; Bargar, P.G.; Nomellini, J.F.; Li, P.N.; Lane, T.J.; Weiss, T.M.; Smit, J.; Shapiro, L.; Wakatsuki, S. Biophys J 112, 1841-1851 (2017).

  4. Structural features of NS3 of Dengue virus serotypes 2 and 4 in solution and insight into RNA binding and the inhibitory role of quercetin.
    Pan, A.; Saw, W.Geok; Manimekalai, M.Sony Subra; Grüber, A.; Joon, S.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Grüber, G. Acta Crystallogr D Struct Biol 73, 402-419 (2017).

  5. Dynamic intramolecular regulation of the histone chaperone nucleoplasmin controls histone binding and release.
    Warren, C.; Matsui, T.; Karp, J.M.; Onikubo, T.; Cahill, S.; Brenowitz, M.; Cowburn, D.; Girvin, M.; Shechter, D. Nat Commun 8, 2215 (2017).