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Staff Publications 2016

  1. Selective Binding of AIRAPL Tandem UIMs to Lys48-Linked Tri-Ubiquitin Chains.
    Rahighi, S.; Braunstein, I.; Ternette, N.; Kessler, B.; Kawasaki, M.; Kato, R.; Matsui, T.; Weiss, T.M.; Stanhill, A.; Wakatsuki, S. Structure 24, 412-22 (2016).

  2. Solution structure of an "open" E. coli Pol III clamp loader sliding clamp complex.
    Tondnevis, F.; Weiss, T.M.; Matsui, T.; Bloom, L.B.; McKenna, R. J Struct Biol 194, 272-81 (2016).

  3. Structure of Carbon Nanotube Porins in Lipid Bilayers: An in Situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Study.
    Tran, I.C.; Tunuguntla, R.H.; Kim, K.; Lee, J.R.I.; Willey, T.M.; Weiss, T.M.; Noy, A.; van Buuren, T. Nano Lett 16, 4019-24 (2016).

  4. Structure of a Bacterial Virus DNA-Injection Protein Complex Reveals a Decameric Assembly with a Constricted Molecular Channel.
    Zhao, H.; Speir, J.A.; Matsui, T.; Lin, Z.; Liang, L.; Lynn, A.Y.; Varnado, B.; Weiss, T.M.; Tang, L. PLoS One 11, e0149337 (2016).