The Farrel W. Lytle Award

Farrel and Manetta at home in Eagle Valley, Nevada.
Farrel and Manetta at home in Eagle Valley, Nevada.


The Farrel W. Lytle Award was established by the SSRL Users' Organization Executive Committee to promote important technical or scientific accomplishments in synchrotron radiation-based science and to foster collaboration and efficient use of beam time among users and staff at SSRL.

The Lytle Award, which will be presented at the next SSRL/LCLS Users' Meeting on September 25-29, 2023, consists of a certificate and $1,000 (awardee names are added to a plaque displayed in the User Research Administration Office).

The following people have received the Farrel W. Lytle Award:

Jim Sebek (2023)    
Blaine Mooers (2022) Bart Johnson (2014) Mike Soltis (2006)
Ritimukta Sarangi (2021) Sean Brennan (2013) Donghui Lu (2005)
Case van Genuchten (2020) Clyde Smith (2012) Hal Tompkins (2004)
Aina Cohen (2019) Piero Pianetta (2011) James Penner-Hahn (2003)
Graham George (2018) Sam Webb (2010) Paul Phizackerley (2002)
Matthew Latimer (2017) Michael Toney (2009) Britt Hedman (2001)
Makoto Hashimoto (2016) Robert Scott (2008) Roger Prince (2000)
Paul Fuoss (2015) Cathy Knotts (2007) Tom Hostetler (1999)
Farrel W. Lytle (1998)

The 2022 Award was presented to Blaine Mooers at the Annual Users' Meeting on September 26-30, 2022.  Over his many years doing experiments at SSRL, Mooers has galvanized the facility’s research community and spoken in support of SSRL at many national and international meetings, said Graham George, professor and Canada Research Chair in X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy at the University of Saskatchewan, and previous chair of the SSRL User Executive Committee (UEC). “Blaine has been instrumental in organizing SSRL workshops, and has been an enthusiastic contributor to every recent users’ meeting,” George said. “Not only that, he is an accomplished scientist with a growing track record of elegant research.” Mooers began experiments at SSRL in 1999 while working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oregon. Since his first trip to SSRL, the facility has had him hooked, thanks to its supportive staff and data collection tools, he said. "When we go to SSRL, we can count on coming home with a lot of publication-quality data," Mooers said. "We also like the cooperation of the facility’s staff — they go the extra mile to help you get the best possible data.”

SSRL users and staff are eligible to be nominated for the Lytle Award, but only nominations for individuals will be considered (no group awards please). Self-nominations, nominations from staff or from the user community are all welcome. Letters of nominations should include the candidate's name, contact information, a summary of their contributions or accomplishments, and why they should be recognized through this award. Supporting letters are often helpful.

Forward nominations before AUGUST 7 to SSRL c/o Cathy Knotts via e-mail.

All nominations will be reviewed and the recipient selected by members of the SSRL Users' Organization Executive Committee.



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