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Updated: 12 hours 38 min ago

Ying Diao Honored with 2014 Spicer Award for Her Work at SSRL

Mon, 2014/08/18 - 8:00am
Ying Diao, a postdoctoral researcher who brought key innovations to a printing technique for flexible electronics and solar panels, will receive an award for her X-ray studies at SLAC.

SLAC Secures Role in Energy Frontier Research Center Focused on Next-generation Materials

Thu, 2014/08/14 - 8:20am
SLAC will play a key role in a DOE-funded research consortium that seeks out new materials for next-generation solar panels, low-energy lighting and other uses.

SLAC Partners with Small Businesses to Put Technology to Good Use

Tue, 2014/07/29 - 3:46pm
Researchers at SLAC collaborate with small businesses to develop technology so it can benefit the world at large.

Bringing High-energy X-rays into Better Focus

Tue, 2014/07/22 - 9:17am
SLAC scientists have developed a new way to manufacture nanostructures, including precise focusing devices for X-rays.

New Platinum Alloy Shows Promise as Fuel Cell Catalyst

Mon, 2014/07/21 - 3:37pm
Scientists at SLAC and in Denmark have developed an alternative fuel cell catalyst that’s five times more active than pure platinum and uses much less of the expensive metal.

Scientists Take First Dip into Water’s Mysterious ‘No Man’s Land’

Wed, 2014/06/18 - 10:00am
Scientists at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have made the first structural observations of liquid water at temperatures down to minus 51 degrees Fahrenheit, within an elusive “no man’s land” where water’s strange properties are super-amplified.


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