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SLAC X-Ray Beam Helps Uncover Blueprint for Lassa Virus Vaccine

Thu, 2017/06/01 - 2:13pm
A decade-long search ends at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, where researchers from The Scripps Research Institute emerge with a clear picture of how the deadly Lassa virus enters human cells.

Researchers Develop a New Catalyst for Water Splitting

Wed, 2017/05/03 - 12:00am
Scientists have developed a new molybdenum-coated catalyst that more efficiently generates hydrogen gas, which could lead to a sustainable clean fuel source in the future.

Shunned by Microbes, Organic Carbon Can Resist Breakdown in Underground Environments

Mon, 2017/05/01 - 10:02am
A new study reveals that organic matter whose breakdown would yield only minimal energy for hungry microorganisms preferentially builds up in floodplains, illuminating a new mechanism of carbon sequestration.

Where Scientist Meets Machine: A Fresh Approach to Experimental Design at SLAC X-Ray Laser

Wed, 2017/04/26 - 5:13am
Paul Fuoss, the new head of experimental design at LCLS, aims to make experiments at light sources here and around the world more productive and user-friendly.

New SLAC Theory Institute Aims to Speed Research on Exotic Materials at Light Sources

Tue, 2017/04/11 - 10:06am
TIMES applies the power of theory to the search for novel materials with remarkable properties that could revolutionize technology.

New Device Produces Hydrogen Peroxide for Water Purification

Fri, 2017/03/31 - 10:40am
Scientists at SLAC and Stanford have identified active carbon catalysts and developed an electrochemical cell designed to purify water in small villages.

Engineers Use Soup Additive to Create a Stretchable Plastic Electrode

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 11:18am
Paving the way for flexible electronics, engineers have developed a plastic electrode that stretches like rubber but carries electricity like wires.

Symmetry: Instrument Finds New Earthly Purpose

Thu, 2017/02/23 - 10:46am

Detectors long used to look at the cosmos are now part of X-ray experiments here on Earth.

SLAC Study Helps Explain Why Uranium Persists in Groundwater at Former Mining Sites

Thu, 2017/02/02 - 12:00am
The contaminant binds to organic matter in sediments, which increases persistence in groundwater.

Meet the Director of SSRL: Kelly Gaffney

Wed, 2017/01/18 - 10:42am
Kelly Gaffney is the director of SSRL, SLAC's synchrotron that produces extremely bright x-rays as a resource for researchers to study our world at the atomic and molecular level of energy production, environmental remediation, nanotechnology, new materials and medicine.

Sketching Out Magnetism With Electricity

Wed, 2017/01/11 - 12:00am
Using an electric field, researchers drew magnetic designs in nonmagnetic material. These efforts could lead to new types of storage devices.

Masters of Crystallization

Wed, 2016/12/14 - 11:18am
When molecules won't crystallize and technology confounds, who you gonna call?

Eureka Moment Leads to New Method of Studying Environmental Toxins

Mon, 2016/12/05 - 11:03am
A technique for probing the surface of particles revealed how toxins move from the soil to groundwater.

Q&A: Simon Bare Catalyzes New Chemistry Effort at SLAC

Tue, 2016/11/29 - 8:09am
After 30 years in industry, he is leading a new focus at the lab’s SSRL X-ray light source and looking for ways to build on research strengths at SLAC and Stanford.

‘Brighter Than A Billion Suns’: SLAC Studies Featured in TEDx Talk

Tue, 2016/11/22 - 3:47pm
Paleontologist Phil Manning describes the “Imaging Life on Earth” project at TEDxCharleston.

Peek Behind the Scenes at SLAC's Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource

Fri, 2016/10/28 - 8:11am
During a recent shutdown, engineers installed new beamline technology and a 3-D virtual tour captured rare views of the synchrotron’s interior.

Scientists Gather for Annual SLAC Users’ Conference

Thu, 2016/10/13 - 12:16pm
The event drew more than 400 participants, with workshops and presentations focusing on collaborations and new technology at SLAC’s light sources.

X-rays Reveal Artistry in an Ancient Vase

Wed, 2016/10/12 - 11:55am
Beams of X-rays uncover surprising techniques in the creation of art on ancient Greek pottery.

Trevor Petach Receives 2016 Klein Award

Thu, 2016/09/29 - 8:45am
Award honors accomplishments in condensed matter physics and electrochemistry at SSRL.

Q&A: Postdocs Encourage Middle-schoolers to 'Embrace the Unknown'

Tue, 2016/09/27 - 11:31am
SLAC postdoctoral scholars recently participated in Tech Trek program to engage in a lively discussion with middle-schoolers.


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