Rapid Access to SSRL Resources for COVID-19 Research

Submitting a Request for Research on SSRL Structural Molecular Biology Beam Lines

  • Register in the User Portal if not already done. Once SSRL User Research Administration approves your registration you will be able to submit a proposal
  • Submit a Rapid Access proposal for remote access on Beam Lines 12-1, 12-2, 9-2, 14-1 or 4-2
  • Establish a User Agreement between your institution and Stanford University or confirm that there is a current agreement in place.
  • Once your proposal has been approved you will be invited to submit a Beam Time Request.
  • After data collection please submit an End or Run Summary
  • Acknowledge use of SSRL resources in any resulting publications

 For administrative questions contact Lisa Dunn, SSRL User Research Administration.

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