Review of the Single Particle Imaging Initiative

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - 3:00pm

Speaker:  Andy Aquila, SLAC 

Program Description:

The Single Particle Imaging (SPI) initiative at LCLS was a dedicated 5-year program instituted by LCLS. The goal was a community effort coupled with director discretionary beamtimes, spanning multiple experiments and multiple instruments, to improve the state of the art in SPI capabilities. The initiative had more than 100 participating members from 21 institutions spanning 8 countries. The experimental goals of the initiative included: improving instrument background at the Atomic Molecular Optics (AMO) and Coherent X-ray Imaging (CXI) instruments, understanding the noise characteristics of the CSPAD and PNCCD detectors, testing various sample delivery methods, developing diagnostic tools for determining sample/X-ray overlap, and providing data sets for algorithm development. The collaboration conducted nine (9) experiments in total: five at AMO which compiled four data sets and tested three sample delivery methods. Additionally, we conducted 4 experiments at CXI: one in the 1 µm focus, and three in the 100 nm focus testing three fixed target substrates and two aerosol delivery systems. The initiative has published three data release papers, six data analysis papers, and plans on submitting one more data release paper this year.


The project was able to push the achievable resolution in SPI by an order of magnitude and made many of the advances that impacted the development of LCLS-II instrumentation and beamline design, specifically the TXI instrument. This talk will present an overall review the results/technical discoveries from the SPI Initiative and musings of the future of the technique with respect to the high repetition rate LCLS-II.

Review of the Single Particle Imaging Initiative
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