Experimental Station 6-2b

Beam line 6-2b is a wiggler end-station dedicated to High Resolution Hard X-ray Spectroscopy. The end station combines three multicrystal Johann spectrometers that enable X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES), Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS), High-Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detected X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (HERFD-XAS) and X-ray Raman Spectroscopy (XRS) techniques. The ambient pressure operation of the end-station provides high flexibility in implementing various sample environments (in-situ, cryogenic, He-atmosphere, furnaces, liquids, high pressurized cells, etc.). A dedicated LHe cryostat allows for routine low temperature measurements. End station is operating with a focused x-ray beam of ~0.15x0.4 (VxH) mm2 and a flux of 2x1013 (4x1012) when a Si(111) or Si(311) monochromator is used, respectively.

Supported Techniques
X-ray absorption spectroscopy imaging
Main Scientific Disciplines
Environmental Sciences
Materials Sciences
Beam Line Specifications


Source: 56-pole, 0.9-Tesla wiggler, End Station, 1.2 mrad acceptance.

  Energy Range Resolution ΔE/E Spot Size Flux
Si(111) 4000-18200 eV 1 x 10-4 0.15 x 0.4 mm2 2 x 1013
Si(311) 4000-18200 eV 3 x 10-5 0.15 x 0.4 mm2 3 x 1012



M0 mirror: Bent flat single-crystal Si, Rh coated 10-18.2 keV cutoff, vertically collimating

M1 mirror: Bent cylindrical single-crystal Si, Rh coated, standard focus                     

Monochromator: LN2 cooled, Si(111), ϕ = 0o , Si(311), ϕ = 0o. double-crystal.


127 μm Be


7-crystal analyzer spectrometer for XES, RXES, RIXS, IXS (available analyzers: http://www-ssrl.slac.stanford.edu/xraywiki/xraywiki.php?n=BeamLine06.AnalyzerCrystal)

40-crystal analyzer spectrometer for IXS at low momentum transfer and 14-crystal analyzer spectrometer for IXS at high momentum transfer

Detectors: Silicon-based, single element Vortex solid-state.

Cryostat: Oxford LHe cryostat (4-200 K)

Other: Integrated shutter system and variable filters to alleviate radiation damage.

Beamline Layout: http://www-ssrl.slac.stanford.edu/xraywiki/xraywiki.php?n=BeamLine06.BeamLine062

7-crystal spectrometer (http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4803669), 40-crystal and 14-crystal spectrometers (http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4704458)

Sample Environment

Ambient pressure experiments, He chamber(s), flexibility with various in-situ setups, liquid samples, high pressure. Dedicated LHe cryostat (4-200 K).

Minimum sample requirement (in terms of concentration): Depends strongly on the technique and the scientific question. Please contact responsible scientific staff for guidance.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

SPEC, PyMCA, Matlab.

Beam Line Phone
650-926-5262. On-site Users: Contact the Duty Operator at 9-926-4040
Beam Line Contact

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