Experimental Station 16-2

Beamline 16-2 is dedicated to characterization of X-ray detectors and X-ray optics and dispersive components.  It is equipped with a theta/2 theta system, motorized x,y,z motion sample adjustment with manual tilt adjustment, two in-vacuum JJ slit assemblies, 3 different detectors (IRD silicon photodiode, windowless Amptec SDD, and a Amptec SDD with a 0.3 micron Be window).  Data acquisition is performed using a custom LabView interface. 

Supported Techniques
X-ray Metrology
Main Scientific Disciplines
Detector Development
Beam Line Specifications


1.3 Tesla Bend Magnet, 1.8 mrad angular acceptance

  Energy Range Resolution ΔE/E Spot Size Flux Angular Acceptance
Focused 50 – 2300 eV ~5 x 10-4 1 x 0.45mm - 1.8 mrad
Unfocused 50 – 2300 eV ~5 x 10-4 1 x 25mm > 1010 1.8 mrad


Variable bend toroidal mirror, single crystal silicon, Rh coated over Cr.

Monochromator: PGM (850 l/mm, 1100 l/mm, 1500 l/mm gratings), Au, Rh, and C coated plane mirror




Sample Environment

5x10-7 Torr vacuum, inside a 1-meter diameter pancake chamber.  Approximate one-meter diameter access door.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Labview, data acquisition performed on users own system.

Beam Line Phone
650-926-5162 . On-site Users: Contact the Duty Operator at 9-926-4040
Beam Line Contact

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