Experimental Station 10-1

Beam line 10-1 is a wiggler side-station beam line for soft x-ray core-level spectroscopy. The endstation is equipped with a hemispherical photoelectron analyzer (SES-100), and detectors for Total Fluorescence Yield (TFY; Diode), Total Electron Yield (TEY; Channeltron) and Partial Electron Yield (PEY). It has a generic chamber that is compatible with both ex-situ and in-situ characterization of a large number of samples simultaneously. XAS can be recorded in AEY, TEY, FY yields. BL10-1 also houses a newly commissioned Transition Edge Sensor (TES) array for x-ray emission spectroscopy with ultrasensitive (large solid angle, 1 eV resolution) detection throughout the soft x-ray regime. This spectrometer is available for the user program in the partial fluorescent yield mode. Other modes such as RIXS or TES detection in combination with more complex sample environments or data acquisition modes are under development and will be available for the user program in the near future (please contact Dennis Nordlund or Sang-Jun Lee for more infomation).. Heating (up to 800C) and cooling (down to 50K, 80K LN2 typical) is available. In-situ capabilities are under development. 

Supported Techniques
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Photoemission spectroscopy
(TBD: Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering and X-ray Emission @ 1.5eV resolution)
Main Scientific Disciplines
Condensed Matter Physics
Environmental Sciences
Materials Sciences
Beam Line Specifications


33-pole, 1.27-Tesla wiggler, 2.0 mrad acceptance

  Energy Range Resolution ΔE/E Spot Size Flux (ph/sec)
unfocused 250 - 1200 eV ~ 2 x 10-4 < 1 x 1 mm2 1 x 1010 - 1 x 1012



  • M0: mirror flat, water cooled
  • M1: toroidal SiC, water cooled  
  • Monochromator: SGM
    • 600 l/mm
    • 1000 l/mm



  • Channeltron (Partial Electron Yield)

  • Silicon Diode AXUV100  (Total Fluorescence Yield)

  • Scienta SES-100 (Photoelectron Spectroscopy)

  • TES Spectrometer (contact Dennis Nordlund for details)

Sample Environment


Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • SPEC
Beam Line Phone
650-926-5201. On-site Users: Contact the Duty Operator at 9-926-4040
Beam Line Contact

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