SSRL Highlights

a October 2004: Investigations to Identify the Soluble, Non-pertechnetate Species in the High-level Nuclear Waste at the Hanford Site

a July 2004: Nanoparticles: Strained and Stiff

a March 2004: Chromium Speciation and Mobility in a High Level Nuclear Waste Vadose Zone Plume

November 2003: Remediation of Uranium-contaminated Water at Fry Canyon, Utah

a May 2003: Fate and Stability of Cr Following Reduction by Microbially Generated Fe(II)

a May 2002: SSRL Studies Aid Environmental Cleanup at Rocky Flats

a March 2002: Formation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Weathering Plant Material

a November 2001: Interaction of Toxic Metals with Complex Biofilm/Mineral/Solution Interfaces