BL4-2 Biological Small Angle Scattering/Diffraction

What is New

  • We have purchased a new Pilatus3 X 1M detector (Figure 5) for the beamline. This new detector features photon counting with essentially zero dark counts, an active area of 981mm x 1043mm and a maximal frame rate of 500Hz. The low background and high dynamic range with improve data quality while the high frame rate will not only significantly improve our SEC-SAXS data collection but will also increase our time resolution in TR-SAXS experiments. The detector is currently under commissioning.
  • Pilatus 1M detector image
    Figure 5
    Dionex Ultimate3000 Chromatography image
    Figure 4

  • A Dionex Ultimate3000 chromatography instrument (Figure 4) has been acquired for SEC-SAXS experiments on the beam line. The new machine features a tandem setup for the columns which enables us to clean and prepare one column while a second column is used for an experiment. It also has an autosampler to be run multiple samples back to back. It also has an refractive index detector for additional biophysical characterization of the sample.
  • A new Blu-Ice tab specifically geared towards SEC-SAXS (Figure 3) data collection is currently being developed. With the new tab the user will be able to run every step necessary for the SEC-SAXS experiment from within Blu-Ice.
  • BluIce SECSAXS tab image
    Figure 3
    BluIce TRSAXS tab image
    Figure 2

  • We have improved the TR-SAXS Blu-Ice tab (Figure 2) for time-resolved experiments. It includes now a viewer for the sample and an automatic insertion of the sample camera after the data collection and features a better, more intuitive overall layout.
  • We further customized our stopped-flow device (Figure 1) for time-resolved mixing experiments to reduce sample consumption and improve the handling and operation. It is now equipped with motorized valves to remotely switch between sample loading and injection. The valve control is handled by the TR-SAXS Blu-Ice tab (Figure 2).
Stopped-Flow device image
Figure 1