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27th Annual
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Users' Meeting

Stanford, California  USA
October 18-21, 2000

Thursday, October 19    (Panofsky Auditorium)

8:00 Registration / Check-in

Session 1


Chair: Paul Foster, UCSF /Exelixis
8:50 Welcome  
9:00 SLAC Director’s Welcome
Jonathan Dorfan, SLAC   
9:10 SSRL Director’s Report
Keith Hodgson,  SSRL
9:50  Scientific Opportunities with SPEAR3 and LCLS
Jo Stöhr, SSRL
10:30 Report from Washington D.C.
Patricia Dehmer, DOE-BES 
10:50 Coffee Break  

Session 2

X-ray Materials Science

Chair: Joe Wong, LLNL

11:05 New Opportunities in X-ray Imaging Techniques with Coherent Synchrotron Radiation
Anatoly Snigirev, ESRF
11:45  State-of-the-Art Photoemission: Momentum-Space Microscopy of Sr2RuO4
Andrea Damascelli, Stanford
12:10 How Clean is Clean? Sensitivities in TXRF
Katharina Baur, SSRL



Session 3

Biological Science

Chair: Ana Gonzalez, SSRL

1:45  Structure and Function of RNA Polymerase II, the Central Engine of Gene Expression
Patrick Cramer, Stanford
2:25 Macromolecular Crystallography in the Post Genome Sequencing Era
Peter Kuhn,  SSRL
2:50 Metallochaperones: A Fertile Field for XAS Research
Ninian Blackburn, Oregon Graduate Inst.
 3:15 Coffee Break

Session 4

SSRL Specific Reports

Chair: Max Cornacchia, SSRL

3:35 SPEAR Performance and Upgrades
Cecile Limborg, SSRL
3:55 SPEAR3 Status Report
Tom Elioff, SSRL
4:15 New Beam Line Developments: Report and Discussion
Tom Rabedeau and Jo Stöhr,  SSRL
5:00 Poster Session / Outdoor Reception
7:00 Dinner at Dominic's  
   *Presentation of student poster award and Farrel W. Lytle Award

Friday, October 20

Session 5

Environmental Science

David Shuh, LBNL

9:00 Chemical Bonding at Surfaces
Anders Nilsson, SSRL/Uppsala  
9:40 The Role of Actinide XAS in Environmental Studies Applicable to Yucca Mountain and the Nevada Test Site
Patrick Allen, LLNL
10:05 Kinetics of Environmental Reactions
Scott Fendorf, Stanford
10:30 Coffee Break
10:50 SSRLUO Report
Bruce Clemens, Stanford

Session 6

 Young Scientists 

Chair: John Arthur, SSRL

11:10 X-ray Scattering on the Manganite La1-xSr1+xMnO4
Simon Larochelle, Stanford 
11:35  X-ray Spectroscopy Studies of Biofilm-Mineral-Metal(loid) Interactions
Alexis Templeton, Stanford
12:00 Molecular Mechanism of Radical Generation in Lysine 2,3-Aminomutase
Nathaniel Cosper, U. Georgia
12:25 Lunch

Session 7

Workshop Highlights

Chair: Jan Luning, SSRL

1:40 Art and Archaeometry 
Russell Chianelli, U. of Texas at El Paso
2:05 Sulfur XAFS
Graham George, SSRL 
2:30  Soft X-ray Speckle
Stefan Eisebitt, IFF/FZ-Jülich
2:55 Sub-Micron Resolution X-ray Diffraction
Sean Brennan, SSRL
3:20 Scope of the Ultra-high Resolution Spectroscopy Workshop
Changyoung Kim, SSRL
3:45 End of Users' Meeting  


  October 18, 2000 -the following workshops will be held in parallel:  
  October 21, 2000 

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