Laboratory Access

Planning Ahead

Planning AheadPlease complete the Beam Time Request (BTR) and Support Request forms thourgh the User Portal. Thorough chemical and sample information must be included in your BTR.  Support Request forms include a list of collaborators that require laboratory access and your group's laboratory equipment requests. Researcher safety is taken seriously at SLAC. Please remember that radioactive materials, nanomaterials, and biohazardous materials have additional safety requirements. Refer to the SSRL Safety Offices for further guidance. 

Upon Arrival

Upon ArrivalOnce you arrive you must complete training and access forms before accessing the Sample Preparation Laboratories (SPL). All Sample Prep Lab doors are locked with access key codes. Once your SPL access procedures are complete you will receive the key code.

1) Sample Prepartion Laboratory Training, Course 204

Course 204 training expires one year from the date of completion. The initial training is ~45 minutes in length and covers lab policy, resources, safety, and emergency information. Annual refresher training is required in subsequent years. Refresher training is ~15 minutes in length.

Course 204 is an in-person training. SSRL sessions are Monday–Friday at 10am & 3pm and meet in B120 Rm 219; drop ins are welcome but not guaranteed. Weekend training is not available.

2) SPL Access Form

A new SPL Access Form must be submited each time you visit our facilties. The SPL Access form requires a list of chemicals and samples you are bringing into the labs. This form acts as our daily inventory and must include both hazardous and nonhazardous samples and reagents. The SPL Access Form may be submitted by email in advance.

After Hours Arrival

After HoursIf you plan to arrive at SLAC outside of normal business hours, please make prior arrangements with SPL Staff.  Unplanned lab access for critical needs may be granted at the SSRL Duty Operator's discretion (x4040).  You MUST contact SPL Manager the following day.

Biology Chemistry & Material Science Labs

Grace Tang | (650) 926-3467


BCM 1 Laboratory

The BioChemMat Lab 1 is a broad purpose wet lab that contains common lab reagents, equipment & supplies, a cold room, and an inert atmosphere chamber.
Map to SSRL's building 120.

Biology Chemistry & Material Science Labs

Grace Tang | (650) 926-3467


BCM 2 Laboratory

The BioChemMat Lab 2 is a broad purpose wet lab similar to BCM 1. However, it is larger in size than BCM 1 and has broader equipment resources.
Map to SSRL's building 131.

Geoscience Preparation Laboratory

Grace Tang | (650) 926-3467


Geoscience Laboratory

The Geoscience Lab contains common lab reagents, equipment & supplies and inert atmosphere chambers. Work areas for radioactive materials and nanomaterials are available.
Map to SSRL's building 131.