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Chemical StorageChemical inventories are organized according to the Stanford Compatible Storage Group Guide. If you need large quantities of any chemicals, please order or bring your own supply. Obtain the Lab Manager's permission before using or removing chemicals from the laboratories. 

All chemical orders must be placed through SLAC’s chemical procurement system, you cannot direct ship chemicals from a supplier to SLAC. Contact the Lab Manager for chemical requests at least one month in advance. Provide the following information: chemical name, manufacturer’s name, part number, size, date required, user account number, Safety Data Sheets, and a 1-2 sentence description of chemical handling plans. 

Ordering Gases

Information on gases is provided as a courtesy on the SPL page, please contact John Pople (Beam line Operations) who maintains the SSRL gas inventories and Gas Cage Map with any questions about individual user gases stored on site at SSRL. If you need gases for your experiment, you can create a request ahead of time, order liquid helium and standard gases at least 2 weeks prior and specialty gases at least 4 weeks prior to your scheduled beam time. 

Transportation of Hazardous Materials

If you are planning to transport your chemicals or samples to SLAC, strict adherence to the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), the Department of Energy (D.O.E.) and SLAC rules is required. Refer to SLAC's ESH Chapter 52 for reference on the safe transport of hazardous materials. 


Visit the SSRL Shipping page for information about shipping to and from SLAC, SSRL Safety Officer, Matt Padilla is the contact for approval and guidance. The following two forms are available for shipping materials: Non-hazardous Materials Shipping Form and Hazardous Materials Shipping Form, fill out completely and accurately. If you are planning to ship materials from SLAC to a location outside of the U.S., you must complete a Power of Attorney (POA) for Individual Accounts or Group Accounts. Carefully review terms and conditions here.

 Links to Helpful Resources

SLAC's ES&H Manual 

VWR North Safety Hand Protection Chemical Resistance Guide