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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

SSRL Gas Ordering

SSRL supplies liquid nitrogen at no charge to users. The main filling station is located in the Bldg. 131 Annex. There is also a smaller tank for filling small dewars. When handling liquid nitrogen, please follow the posted instructions carefully and wear the safety gloves and glasses that have been provided for your use.

SSRL provides liquid helium (LHe) for use with SSRL cryostats. Argon and Nitrogen are also free for SSRL users - SSRL will pay for ~1K of gas per user per year if they don't have a charge number.

Orders for gases and cryogenics (including overhead and sales tax) will be charged to your user account.

Prior to your scheduled experiment, complete the following information and click 'Submit' at the bottom of this page to order gases.

Standard gas now usually takes ~1-2 weeks prior to arrival. That form can be used for "only" the standard gases Argon, Helium & Nitrogen industrial grade.

Specialty gases now take ~4-5 weeks to receive. We have had some gas orders in the past year that take a long time to receive, especially when Airgas or Specialty Gases needs to manufacture a very specific grade of gas.

SSRL is now providing some dry ice for Users when shipping samples out (no charge to users).

To confirm your order, contact Todd Slater (tel. 650-926-2066) or Michelle Steger (tel. 650-926-3011).

Requestor: Email:
Institution: Spokesperson:
       Proposal#:     Beam line:     User Account:     Date Required:

Liquid Helium:
Note: Users should NOT place orders for LHe for use with SSRL SMB/XAS or MEIS cryostats. SSRL will order and provide LHe for all scheduled SSRL cryostats. User accounts will be assessed a per-shift charge for LHe use during scheduled beam time. Questions or concerns should be addressed to Matthew Latimer (650-926-4944,

For other than SMB XAS or MEIS cryostats, specify quantity of 100 liter cylinders required:  

Order LHe and standard gases at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled beam time.

SSRL has a contract for the delivery of LHe. Under this contract 100 liters is the standard dewar size. The current cost is $3,064.32 and delivery time is four days.

Please be aware LHe dewars have a demurrage rate assessed seven days after delivery to SSRL.

Standard Gases: Orders for standard gases must be placed 2 weeks prior to arrival.

Specify cylinder quantity
      Argon         Helium      Nitrogen
(The SLAC standard is 99.5% industrial grade, standard cylinder size (except for carbon monoxide) is between 175-200 SCF -depending on the gas. Carbon monoxide comes in 1.75 SCF lecture bottles. If you require greater purity gas or a cylinder size outside the standard range, please use the fields for specialty gas orders below.)

Specialty Gases: Specialty gases, including carbon monoxide and oxygen, must be ordered 4 weeks prior to your arrival. Analyzed gas orders take an additional two days. Charges for theses gases will be applied to your user account. Specialty gases cannot be returned for credit to your account.
Gas:  Balance:  Grade:  Analyzed?   Yes    No  No. Cylinders:

Dewars: SSRL has a small supply of portable dewars that can be borrowed from the stockroom. Macromolecular Crystallography users wishing to ship dewars to SSRL should complete the "Shipping Dewars to SSRL Form to help ensure that the dewar is delivered to the correct beam line and refilled if necessary.


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