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A short parameter list of the SPEAR storage ring is now online.

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Accelerator Physics at SSRL

The field tha t can be covered by the Accelerator Physics activities at SSRL is limited by the small staff of accelerator physicists, engineers and technicians. A high priority item is the maintenance and development of the SPEAR synchrotron light source. Another major area of activities is devoted to the development of concepts for future light sources such as the x-ray FEL (LCLS). Time is also devoted to student training and the advancement of the field of accelerator physics.

The experimental program is based on the availability of the SSRL accelerator complex for accelerator physics studies roughly every 2 weeks for about 40 hours per period. The experimental program includes items related to the improvement of light source performance, student training and general accelerator physics studies. We welcome the participation of accelerator physicists from outside laboratories to cooperate in the experimental accelerator physics program.

Accelerator Physics Topics

SPEAR3 Upgrade
Global Orbit Feedback
Non Linear Studies
Development of New Lattice
Quadrupole Shunts
Linac Cohere nt Light Source

Experimental Program

2003 Accelerator Physics Schedule
2002 Accelerator Physics Schedule
2001 Accelerator Physics Schedule
2000 Accelerator Physics Sche dule
1999 Accelerator Physics Schedule
1998 Accelerator Physics Schedule
1997 Accelerator Physics Schedule
1996 Accelerator Physics Schedule
1995 Accelerator Physics Schedule
1994 Accelerator Physics Schedule
1993 Accelerator Physics Schedule

Experiment Shift Summaries (Local Use Only)

SPEAR Components

SPEAR Parameter Table
SPEAR Element Configuration

SPEAR run data
Status of the SPEAR synchrotron light source
Get a list of storage ring synchrotron radiation sources
Pictures of some staff members.

Recent Workshops

17th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on Nonlinear and Collective Phenomena in Beam Physics, September 10-15, 2000, Arcidosso, Italy

Accelerator Physics Links

SLAC Accel erator Physics
WWW Virtual Library of Accelerator Physics
The Synchrotron Light Source Data Book
International Committee for Future Accelerators(ICFA)
Particle Data Group (LBL)
Physical Reference Data (NIST)
SLAC Library

Images of selected SSRL control system menu pages

Linac to Booster (LTB) control page
Booster QF Quadrupole Trims control page



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