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The SSRL Users' Organization (SSRLUO) is broadly concerned with representing the interests of the SSRL users (see Charter). An executive committee (SSRLUOEC) is the formal organizational unit of the SSRLUO. They host an annual Users' Meeting which provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent user developments and experimental results as well as future plans. Users elect members to serve on the Executive Committee to carry out the business of the SSRLUO.

Synchrotron and Neutron User's Group (SNUG) visit toWashington DC, April 10 2006. Rear: Pat Fulton, Clemens Heske (ALS; UNLV),James Kaduk (APS; Innovene), Gene Ice (APS; ORNL). Front: Peter Stephens (NSLS;StonyBrookU), Joy Andrews (SSRL; CSUEB), Corie Ralston (ALS; LBNL), DespinaLouca (SNS/HFIR; UVa), Yan Gao (NSLS; GE), Christopher Kim (SSRL; Chapman U).Not Pictured: Tom Koetzle (IPNS; ANL)
SSRLUO functions include: sponsoring and presenting the Annual Farrel W. Lytle Award to promote important technical or scientific accomplishments in synchrotron radiation-based science and user service; holding graduate student poster competition at the annual meeting; coordinating periodic surveys to get user feedback and suggestions (see 2008 survey results); meeting 3-4 times a year (meeting schedule) to discuss issues and coordinate activities - meetings typically include presentations by SSRL staff and management. The SSRLUOEC also coordinates activities with representatives from other DOE user facilities to promote and sustain support for basic sciences as well as user facilities such as SSRL to numerous constituencies. (see meeting minutes)

SSRLUOEC members serve 3-year terms, with the Chair and Vice-Chair elected by the SSRLUOEC (Chair serves for 1 year; Vice-Chair rotates into the chair position the following year; former Chair serves as ex-officio for 1 year). The SSRLUOEC Chair gives presentations to the SSRL Scientific Advisory Committee, Proposal Review Panel, and the SLAC Scientific Policy Committee. The Vice Chair co-organizes the annual User's Meeting along with an SSRL scientific staff member.

Comments and suggestions regarding user concerns that should be addressed by the Executive Committee are always welcome. Please reference the SSRLUOEC 2008 page for a list of current representatives and contact information.

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