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SSRLUO Executive Committee Meetings

All users are encouraged to participate in SSRL Users' Organization activities. Meetings of the SSRL Users' Organization Executive Committee (SSRLUO-EC) include open sessions that all members of the SSRL user community are invited to attend. Meetings will be held about every four months. If you have issues that you would like to present to the committee or have added as a discussion item on the next agenda, please feel free to contact any of the members listed below:
Joy Andrews, CSU East Bay (Ex-Officio)
Yuji Arai, Clemson University
Rebecca Fenn, Stanford University
Jesse Guzman, UCSC
Katherine Kantardjieff, CSU Fullerton
Chris Kim, Chapman University (Ex-Officio)
Cathy Knotts, (SSRL Liaison)
Richard Lee, LLNL
Wayne Lukens, LBNL
Karen McFarlane Holman, Willamette University
Art Nelson, LLNL
Stéphane Richard, The Salk Institute
Monika Sommerhalter, CSU East Bay
Robert Szilagyi, Montana State University (Chair)
SLUO Chair (Ex-Officio)
LCLSUO Chair (Ex-Officio)

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SSRLUO-EC Contact information and minutes of SSRLUO-EC meetings can be found at:

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