Each person who works at SLAC is required to be familiar with and identify in advance the hazards associated with his/her work, the hazards associated with work areas, and to properly implement all necessary procedures and protocols for mitigation of those hazards. Each person is required to observe all federal, state, local and Stanford workplace safety regulations as well as  SLAC's Integrated Safety & Environmental Management System (ISEMS) and Work Planning and Control (WPC).

Proposal Safety Review

The experiment information you provide is used by the Safety Office to review and coordinate potential hazards, mitigations, and appropriate training.

A series of safety related questions are incorporated into the proposal submission process, and this information is used by the user facility Safety Officer to review and coordinate potential hazards, mitigations, and appropriate training. If you want to bring hazardous equipment or substances to SLAC that were not previously indicated on your proposal, contact the SSRL/Cryo-EM, LCLS or FACET Safety Office immediately as any changes you may wish to make to your proposal must be reviewed and approved by the Safety Office in advance. Late changes that involve potential hazards may not be possible.

Coordinate Shipments to/from SLAC

See instructions for shipping equipment and samples to or from SLAC. There are additional requirements for international shipments and exports, so please coordinate these in advance. For more information, see SSRL, LCLS, FACET.

User Provided Equipment

All equipment that is brought to SLAC must meet accepted standards for good laboratory and electrical practices. Electrical equipment must be inspected before use.

For information on personally transporting equipment, samples or other potentially hazardous materials, contact the SSRL/Cryo-EM, LCLS, or FACET Safety Officer.

Safety Training

Complete online safety training before traveling to SLAC.

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