Full-field Transmission X-ray Microscopy


The full-field transmission X-ray microscope (TXM) on beam line 6-2c at SSRL is capable of 2D imaging and tomography, as well as spectroscopic imaging. The energy range is ~5 to 13 keV, suitable for spectroscopic imaging of many metals in energy materials, and also for absorption contrast imaging of other materials. 3D elemental mapping is accomplished via acquisition of tomography above and below the X-ray absorption edge. 2D mapping of chemical states is accomplished with XANES (X-ray absorption near edge structure) imaging. 3D XANES tomography can map chemical states in 3D.

Current Energy Applications

Batteries, catalysts and fuel cells can be characterized using TXM, both ex situ and in situ/operando (full operating system). 2D and 3D XANES imaging can determine nanoscale chemistry. Single-energy tomography can determine porosity and tortuosity, and multiple-energy tomography can determine elemental heterogeneities.

In Situ/ Operando Capabilities

In situ and operando imaging of batteries and catalysts is accomplished with custom-designed sample cells, with operation to 450° C and ~10 bar pressure. High-pressure imaging is accomplished with diamond anvil cells. Low temperature heating up to ~100° C is possible with Kapton heaters. Gas delivery (with full safety features) and mass spectrometric detection are available as well. 

Link to Concept Article on Operando Imaging of Catalysts, Batteries and Fuel Cells:

Hard X-ray Spectroscopic Nano-Imaging of Hierarchical Functional Materials at Work



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